Monday, February 22, 2016


If I didn't feel crazy enough before going into this adoption process for time #2, I do after Saturday!

We got to spend 5 and a half hours with a psychologist & let me tell you...that is enough to make you go crazy!!

638 question test, yes 638! Questions like, do you hear animals talk to you that others do not? Or how you feel it is ok to go around the law if you do not break it? Or one of my favorites...if you were a reporter would you like to report on the theater?

How about drawing pictures? Now mind you, I am an awful drawer; even my stick people suck. We had to draw a house, a person, a tree & then anything else you wanted. Well those 3 things are about all I can draw, so the freebie was fun for me!

Then the last 'test' was a page, front & back, that had the start of sentences. Things like:
I fear_____________
This place_________
My nerves_________
By the end of this, the 'my nerves' sentence about got finished with: are shot after all this crap!

I also spent 2 hours with a psychologist alone answering questions & another hour with him along with G.

So needless to say, it was a 'great' day! The psychologist still needed to grade our pictures, sentences & test (which I am not exactly sure how) but after speaking with us he felt we would make good parents. We figure this is really good for A since we have been parenting him almost 2 years!!
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