Saturday, January 30, 2016


This adoption is already so very different than our last one. With A's adoption we literally had to beg & plead for updates. We got 4 updates the entire 10 months that we waited for him. We have already gotten that many updates on boy #2, F. Our poor little man fell the other day, leading to a visit to the hospital & stitches. Within hours of this happening we were told, sent the doctors report & pictures. This being only a day after we received his 15 month mind is blown!!

We are moving right along however. We have almost finished all our paperwork for the homestudy & have our first visit next week. After that there is only 1 more visit. We then have a "dossier" to do, & I say that word very lightly because after China...this is nothing.

They are still telling us 18-24 months to get F home however, which is heartbreaking. It is going to be very hard to watch this little guy grow up without us. I am however thankful that we will get at least 1 update a month so we can watch him grow up!

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