Monday, April 4, 2016

Official Wait

We are home study approved, finally! This seemed to have taken so much longer than it did with A. I think the new home study agency & new SW'er was really a big change for us. This SW'er really seemed to be working on too many cases at once, so I feel like things really took much longer than they should have! that we are approved, our wait to bring F home officially begins. We are matched, we are his parents...but now the real wait begins.

I hate how long this all took & none of the time 'counted' towards bring him home. We have been told that the waits are getting slight shorter & things have been running faster lately, however I do not want to get my hopes up.

We also got 2 amazing updates on our little guy it's been a great evening! He is growing like a weed, developing greatly & we just can't wait to have him home in our arms.

Monday, February 22, 2016


If I didn't feel crazy enough before going into this adoption process for time #2, I do after Saturday!

We got to spend 5 and a half hours with a psychologist & let me tell you...that is enough to make you go crazy!!

638 question test, yes 638! Questions like, do you hear animals talk to you that others do not? Or how you feel it is ok to go around the law if you do not break it? Or one of my favorites...if you were a reporter would you like to report on the theater?

How about drawing pictures? Now mind you, I am an awful drawer; even my stick people suck. We had to draw a house, a person, a tree & then anything else you wanted. Well those 3 things are about all I can draw, so the freebie was fun for me!

Then the last 'test' was a page, front & back, that had the start of sentences. Things like:
I fear_____________
This place_________
My nerves_________
By the end of this, the 'my nerves' sentence about got finished with: are shot after all this crap!

I also spent 2 hours with a psychologist alone answering questions & another hour with him along with G.

So needless to say, it was a 'great' day! The psychologist still needed to grade our pictures, sentences & test (which I am not exactly sure how) but after speaking with us he felt we would make good parents. We figure this is really good for A since we have been parenting him almost 2 years!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016


This adoption is already so very different than our last one. With A's adoption we literally had to beg & plead for updates. We got 4 updates the entire 10 months that we waited for him. We have already gotten that many updates on boy #2, F. Our poor little man fell the other day, leading to a visit to the hospital & stitches. Within hours of this happening we were told, sent the doctors report & pictures. This being only a day after we received his 15 month mind is blown!!

We are moving right along however. We have almost finished all our paperwork for the homestudy & have our first visit next week. After that there is only 1 more visit. We then have a "dossier" to do, & I say that word very lightly because after China...this is nothing.

They are still telling us 18-24 months to get F home however, which is heartbreaking. It is going to be very hard to watch this little guy grow up without us. I am however thankful that we will get at least 1 update a month so we can watch him grow up!

Friday, January 8, 2016

I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Back!

I would have never thought I would be back here, blogging....about another adoption! Yep, you read that right. We are adopting again; another 'surprise' adoption.

I don't have a long story how we ended up is very short, so short that we have only known about this little guy since Wednesday (yep, today is Friday).

Wednesday was my birthday too, so I guess you can call this all a very expensive birthday gift!

This will be another international adoption, but this time from Korea. We are so very excited to be the parents of 2 boys! I feel that I was always meant to be the mama of boys :)

He just turned one & we are hoping will be home right around his 2nd birthday.

I will be back blogging & documenting our journey to bring him home, as this is the closest thing he will ever get to a baby book from us.

So here we are, back on the roller coaster! Thanks for riding with us a 2nd time.
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