Tuesday, July 1, 2014


All my pouting over the weekend paid off! Approx. 4pm eastern yesterday, we got the call that we were TA approved. We were told we had an hour to figure out if we could get flights that would get us to China by July 11th. Cue may parents booking flights like made people!! 

The Flights are booked & we are out of here next Thursday, July 10th!!!! I really thought a July travel date would not happen for us, as we were cutting it very close to get our travel acceptance, but it did & we are going.

I still cannot believe it..after nearly 9 and a half months, we are finally going to get our son. In just a few weeks his bed will have him in it...our house will have a child, our lives will forever change.

I am pretty sure I am in shock. I am going through the motions right now. Making sure everything is ready for us being gone both at work & for the trip. I am just so thankful that I started preparing 2 weeks ago when I found out we could possibly travel in July, that is turning out to be a huge help!!

I plan on trying to blog on here & tweet as much as possible, but none of this is for sure. G has our VPN in place, so fingers crossed we will be able to communicate while we are there.

As of now we will be getting home late the 25th, so just a bit over 2 weeks. We are so VERY thankful to my parents who pitched in miles & got us tickets in 1st class round trip! I know this will make the flight a tad bit easier :) They also may be flying to Seattle to meet us on a layover our way back to help us continue our journey home. I am sure at that point any help will be very welcomed!!

This is kinda a hodge lodge right now, I apologize, but it's 4am, Ive been up since 2 & my brain is going a mile a minute!

Until next time...


  1. I'm so excited for you! Awesome news! First class cannot be beat. DH used to work for Northwest and we did almost all our travel first-class. It will make traveling with a child so. much. easier.

    I hope your trip goes smoothly and the transitions aren't too difficult for your little guy. Can't wait to hear about your travels!

  2. I don't ever comment on here but I always read! I have tears of happiness for you right now! I remember all too well the call that it was time to bring our son home! Your lives are going to be so incredibly full in just a few very short days.

  3. I've got chills! Such awesome news. So nice that you get to fly first class. So so nice!

  4. Wahoo!! Yay! How wonderfully exciting! :-)

  5. Ahhh!! So exciting! Travel safe!


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