Monday, February 3, 2014

Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman was just another name to me until I became A's mom. To tell you the truth, I am not even sure if I really knew who he was. Now, that has all changed!

If you have not seen the above commercial, please take a moment to watch this inspirational man. Watch him show people that no matter what may try to stand in your way, that you can do anything! I love this guy for his message to everyone, but especially to the hearing impaired and deaf community.

When I found out he would be going to the Super Bowl, I started a quest to find a jersey of his for A. I wanted to have this jersey, not because we are big Seahwak fans, but because I wanted the jersey as a reminder. Something that A could have & know that anything is possible when he puts his mind to it. I finally found one last Friday, which I am so thankful for & it was delivered today...the day after the Super Bowl. The day after a Super Bowl was won by a team with the first deaf player playing in it. Derrick did it! He not only played in the NFL, he then made it to the Super Bowl, where his team won. Oh & if you are counting..his name was also the first name said when it came to a play once the game started.

As I watched the pregame show & the anthem being they paned over to Derrick, I couldn't help but getting choked up. This Super Bowl was different, this Super Bowl was so much more than football to me.

I heard other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children talk about how excited they were to watch Derrick, how they hoped that now people would see; see that deaf and hard of hearing people can do anything.

I can only hope that this amazing man has helped to really make a path for kids and also to show the world, that there is nothing a person that cannot hear isn't able to do.

I truly wish I could thank Derrick, thank him for all he has done & will continue to do. I am so excited to tell A about this man & give him his he knows, he too can do anything!


  1. That is a fabulous story, and one that little A will grow to appreciate when he gets older. You are going to be a fabulous and dedicated mom!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea. If I had known his story earlier I definitely would have rooted for the SeaHawks yesterday. :-) (As it was I cheered for no injuries... haha)


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