Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Where to go from here...

As you can tell, I haven't been around much. I am not sure where the blog fits in my life anymore. Part of me thinks that it is done..it served it's purpose as we dealt with everything & now that I am a mother it is no longer useful....then I stop & really think. This place has been such a home, a place of comfort, has been part of my life for so long & brought many wonderful people in my life & am I willing to just walk away from that?

What will I write about here? I love the fact that I am mostly anonymous  here & can say what I want...so you know, I think I will write about whatever I want :)

The blog will be taking a change, that is for sure...the post, I am sure will be few & far between, but I am just not completely ready to walk away yet.

For those of you that have been with me through everything, thank you. I do not want this to turn into a mommy blog that people will get hurt or upset about..I want this to just be a place where I can rant if I need to, vent..whatever. Having a 'special needs' kid results in a lot of ranting...along with the fact that he is a very normal toddler :)

So we will see what happens & were I go from here...the journey continues, just in a different way.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Crazy week

We leave on Thursday morning at 6:30am & 24 hours will end up in China. I still cannot believe it! This week has been a whirlwind..between hotels, planes, trains...starting to pack, it's nuts!

We received our itinerary for the trip the other day & I am surprised by the amount of free time. I am glad we have this time however. The first 3 days that we are in A's city it will just be the 2 of us. We will really get to know where he is from. We are hoping to go to where he was found, along with really taking in the city.

It still boggles my mind that soon we will have A in our arms. We meet him & become a family on the 14th. I cry at the thought of hugging him & seeing him in person for the first time. I just hope I don't cry too much when the time comes, don't wanna scare the poor guy.

We are just trying to pack, get things together & everything in place at home. I have his doctors appointments at Cincinnati Children's set for when we get back, our first post adoption visit made & the dentist...it will be a whole new world for all of us.

I will continue to try to blog while we are in country & keep everyone updated.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


All my pouting over the weekend paid off! Approx. 4pm eastern yesterday, we got the call that we were TA approved. We were told we had an hour to figure out if we could get flights that would get us to China by July 11th. Cue may parents booking flights like made people!! 

The Flights are booked & we are out of here next Thursday, July 10th!!!! I really thought a July travel date would not happen for us, as we were cutting it very close to get our travel acceptance, but it did & we are going.

I still cannot believe it..after nearly 9 and a half months, we are finally going to get our son. In just a few weeks his bed will have him in it...our house will have a child, our lives will forever change.

I am pretty sure I am in shock. I am going through the motions right now. Making sure everything is ready for us being gone both at work & for the trip. I am just so thankful that I started preparing 2 weeks ago when I found out we could possibly travel in July, that is turning out to be a huge help!!

I plan on trying to blog on here & tweet as much as possible, but none of this is for sure. G has our VPN in place, so fingers crossed we will be able to communicate while we are there.

As of now we will be getting home late the 25th, so just a bit over 2 weeks. We are so VERY thankful to my parents who pitched in miles & got us tickets in 1st class round trip! I know this will make the flight a tad bit easier :) They also may be flying to Seattle to meet us on a layover our way back to help us continue our journey home. I am sure at that point any help will be very welcomed!!

This is kinda a hodge lodge right now, I apologize, but it's 4am, Ive been up since 2 & my brain is going a mile a minute!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 29, 2014


We sit here & there is nothing we can do. Nothing to hurry up this travel approval wait. I have been pretty good during this whole process. I don't really count the days from this to that, I try to go on with my daily life & just let things happen when they happen. But I cannot say that anymore...this last wait is h*$l.

When we found out we were start the TA wait & could still possibly leave in July I became so hopeful, probably too hopeful. We started our wait on 17th. I have seen people that have started their wait on the 19th, the 24th...all get their TA's. That makes this so much harder. We were before them, why not us?!

At this point, unless a miracle happens & we receive it tomorrow (which is still really pushing it to leave in July) we will not be going until mid August! This is so hard for me. He is over there & we are here & due to the fact that we do not have our last little paper, we cannot get him. Then due to the fact that our agency only travels to his province once a month...we have to wait longer. It's killing me & I hate that there is nothing I can do to change it...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Traveling to China

We found out yesterday that our Article 5 is complete & now all we are waiting on is our travel approval. These normally take about 2-3 weeks, however they have seen alot happening quickly lately, some as soon as 3 days. If we receive our approval in the next few weeks, we will be in the agency's July 11th group...yes, you read the right...as in we will be in China in a few weeks!

While I am excited, I am currently in freak out mode! I am starting to understand what pregnant woman feel right before they have their baby...that 'holy shit, I am really having a baby' moment. The, my life will never be the same..omg, what have I gotten into, there is no turning back now moment...yep, that is me right now, between the 50,000 list of things I need to do, pack & have ready before leaving.

I am so pumped at the idea of getting to go get our little boy a month before we planned...but wow, just wow, that is really fast, how will I ever get everything done at home & work in the next few weeks....crap!!

My friends keep telling me that this is all normal..I sure hope so!!

For those of you adopting, I will be keeping all my list & posting them in order to help you when it comes time to travel...any help you can get is worth it, at least that is how I feel!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Well, today, on our 6 year anniversary, we made A official on Facebook. We have kept our adoption quiet on social media this whole time. We wanted to make sure that we were close to the end before really putting the adoption out there. We have never made it hush, hush that we have fertility issues or would be adopting…but this was it & we didn't want to jinx it.

So here we are, it's out there!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


At 4:23pm yesterday, my phone rang. My heart always skips a beat when I see a call from Oregon, as that is where our adoption agency is.

We were at day 60 of waiting. Day 60 of twiddling our thumbs & having the wait seem longer & longer as the days went by. We had no paperwork to work on, no fingerprints to do...nothing, just wait! I won't lie, it was starting to really get to me. I hated not being able to do anything as we waited for China to give us the official 'ok.'

When the phone rang, I knew what the call was...there was nothing else they would be calling for at this point in our journey to A.

Then, it was official...she said it. We have your letter of acceptance. China liked us!! A can be our child!! (cue tears)

So now, I wait today to receive an overnight package from the agency. Once it is received we sign a few things & send it back to them & then start more paperwork. We are hearing about 9 weeks now til travel, so possibly end of July or beginning of August.

It's getting real! Momma is coming!!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Wow, I have been MIA…I do apologize! So much to blog about, but not enough time. Between moving & everything else going on, sadly blogging has taken a backseat.

The house is coming along & A's room is done! I still walk in there daily & cannot believe it! We have a little boy room in our house, with toys & clothes…now all we need is our boy :) It still seems to surreal & I think until he is actually in our arms it will be.

We got an update a few weeks ago. We did find out that now that his foster sister has been adopted, he will not be getting another foster sibling. I am glad this is the case because it will help him adjust to being an only child. We also found out that they have started him in preschool. As sad as this makes me, because it is yet another thing first I am missing, I am glad he is doing this as well, so when he starts here, he will be used to it. They say that even though he cannot hear the teach he understands what is going on & what she wants of him. All the doctors keep saying he is smart & this is just really reiterating that fact!

Our dossier is in China & we found out being reviewed, so we are hoping for our letter of acceptance within the next month or so. Once we have that, they tell us 6-9 weeks before travel…so we are getting there, slowly but surely.

I keep saying we are lucky because it is all going to take less than a year. I also do not count the days or pay attention to dates of log in, etc, because I feel that does help the time go by any faster. I just choose to go with the flow & if they send an update saying another step has happened, then great!

So we are getting there!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Recommendations

I often get emails asking about books I recommend on adoption. I have decided to put together an Amazon store front with some of my top recommendations. I was unable to put them all on my list, so if you have any questions, please, always feel free to email me!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Foster Sister

Every report we receive on A talks of his foster sister. How he is good about sharing with her & playing with her. When we received our videos of A back in November, she was in these videos. When you watch the videos with the 2 of them, you can see the sibling rivalry between them. You can see the love he has for her & the patience she has to help him do everyday things. I kept telling myself I needed to find out if she had a family, but I would get busy with things & forget.

We received another update on A yesterday & once again, this little girl was mentioned. This reminded me, I needed to start looking to see if she had a family, see what I could find out about this little girl that means so much to my son.

Yesterday I finally did it..I started looking to see if she had a family & surprisingly it didn't take as long as I thought it would to locate them. I started making 3 post on Facebook in different adoption groups. I explained I knew what she looked like & the bit I knew & could guess about her. I had a few people answer that they had a child that met the description, but in a different city, etc. Finally one lady wrote saying her daughter matched the description & was in the same city. I wrote back a few questions for her, but while I waited for her answer I decided to go stalk look through her page. Wouldn't you know, a few post in her page & there was the only picture of her daughter & it was her!!! I about jumped out of my chair.

The lady then proceeded to friend me on Facebook & ask me for my email. She wanted to send me a better picture of her daughter just to make sure it really was her. When I opened up my email, there was no doubt in my mind...this was the kind little girl that is A's sister. In order to confirm this I was able to send her back 2 videos that we received with her in it. When I sent these videos I had no idea that they had never seen a video of their daughter. She told me what a blessing I was & what joy I brought them by sharing these videos.

We went on to talk on & off throughout the day. I found out they leave tomorrow, Friday, to head to China to get their daughter. They plan on trying to meet the foster mother & hopefully get a 'look' at A for us.

She asked for a picture of A to put in her daughters room so that she had a piece of China to come home to. We are already talking about Skyping & visits.

I am so happy I was able to locate this family & I am excited for all there is to come. I know it will be hard for these 2, but I hope by being able to keep in touch, it will be of some comfort to them.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman was just another name to me until I became A's mom. To tell you the truth, I am not even sure if I really knew who he was. Now, that has all changed!

If you have not seen the above commercial, please take a moment to watch this inspirational man. Watch him show people that no matter what may try to stand in your way, that you can do anything! I love this guy for his message to everyone, but especially to the hearing impaired and deaf community.

When I found out he would be going to the Super Bowl, I started a quest to find a jersey of his for A. I wanted to have this jersey, not because we are big Seahwak fans, but because I wanted the jersey as a reminder. Something that A could have & know that anything is possible when he puts his mind to it. I finally found one last Friday, which I am so thankful for & it was delivered today...the day after the Super Bowl. The day after a Super Bowl was won by a team with the first deaf player playing in it. Derrick did it! He not only played in the NFL, he then made it to the Super Bowl, where his team won. Oh & if you are counting..his name was also the first name said when it came to a play once the game started.

As I watched the pregame show & the anthem being signed...as they paned over to Derrick, I couldn't help but getting choked up. This Super Bowl was different, this Super Bowl was so much more than football to me.

I heard other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children talk about how excited they were to watch Derrick, how they hoped that now people would see; see that deaf and hard of hearing people can do anything.

I can only hope that this amazing man has helped to really make a path for kids and also to show the world, that there is nothing a person that cannot hear isn't able to do.

I truly wish I could thank Derrick, thank him for all he has done & will continue to do. I am so excited to tell A about this man & give him his jersey...so he knows, he too can do anything!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year!! This is the year of the Horse....2014!

This is our first Chinese New Year as A's parents. Even though he is not here with us yet, we will be celebrating & cannot wait for him to be here next year to join in the festivities.

What is the Chines New Year? Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. In China, it is also known as the Spring Festival, the literal translation of the modern Chinese name. Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year's Eve, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, making the festival the longest in the Chinese calendar. Because the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the "Lunar New Year."

So happy New Year every one! I wish you all nothing but the best.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Letter to A on his 3rd Birthday

Dearest A,

Today you turn 3. I can only hope that you had a day full of love, laughter & joy. I know more than likely however, this was not the case & this makes me sad. Your mommy & daddy thought of you a lot & even had a birthday cupcake for you...3 candles & all! We took pictures with your cupcake to put in the picture book that we will be sending you.

We had people sending us messages, wishing you happy birthday too! You are so loved already by so many people & this warms my heart.

We cannot wait to have you home with us & get to throw you a birthday party. Your 4th birthday will be amazing! Mommy will not cry because she cannot be with you, I will probably cry because I get to see you experience your first birthday party in the states.

Know how much we love you & cannot wait to have you in our arms...to experience all the 1st with you.

Mommy & Daddy

Monday, January 13, 2014

School for the Deaf Tour

Last week we went to tour a school for the deaf. To be honest, I was a nervous wreck before we went in as I truly did not know what to expect...and when I get nervous, well, my sign language gets all 'hand tied.'

From the moment we walked in the door, my breath was taken away. The school was not what I was expecting! I imagined a school where nobody talked but the teachers (even though I knew the students were taught bilingually). We started with the preschool program. It is a Montessori program, which boogles my mind. I agree with it & all..but it seems like chaos to me. So against every way I was ever taught.

In preschool & kindergarten the school allows hearing children. They feel it is important for the hard of hearing and deaf children to be able to socialize and communicate with hearing children. All of the hearing children are hand picked for the program & they must know sign language. They are all CODAs, grandchildren of deaf, children of interpreters, etc. Walking into this room and watching everyone interact and play was amazing...you had no idea who was deaf & who was not. Same goes for the pre-k class we saw. All the teachers talk & sign and everything is done bilingually, so you really cannot not tell the difference in the children.

Once the children go to kindergarten, the hearing child must leave the school. Due to the fact that is much harder for deaf and hard of hearing children to read and write, they really hit it hard at this school come kindergarten.

We went to visit the kindergarten class made up of 3, profoundly deaf children. Shocked does not even describe how we were once we walked in this room. This room was so loud with chit chat! These 3 profound deaf children were not only signing to each other, but talking up a storm! They were reading at a 2nd grade level and their math skills (also hard because of reading concepts, etc) were above par...we were blown away.

We then went on to see the 1st & 2nd grade classes, each just as amazing as the previous. This school knew deaf, that is for sure. From the technology that they had throughout the school to match frequencies of hearing aids to the simple things like a green house..this place had it all.

This school knows deaf, what can I say. Things I had never thought about when it comes to a traditional school..like tile flooring. This school is all carpeted in order to help muffle other noises since hearing aids amplify all sounds.

Once our hour tour was over, we left knowing that this is were A will be...at least until 3rd grade. If he stays there until high school graduation or if he mainstreams, that will be determined on how he does & what he wants...but I can say, after the tour...we know this is the school for him! We want him to have the best education & to have all the opportunities in the world. This school, well, I feel like they will give him all that & more. Just as we wish to teach him that there is nothing he will not be able to do..this school will only help reinforce that.

I am excited to see how he blossoms & what will happen once he is in school (minus the fact that I already cry at that thought of sending him to school!)
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