Thursday, September 26, 2013

How we became parents!

So yea, things have all happened faster than I ever could have imagined!!

On September 9th I did something I do a few times a month-checking out waiting children's lists. I figured this would be like any other look I had made in the past...I see cute kids, one may stand out more than another, but no child would ever catch my eye enough to inquire on.

Not so this time! There was this little guy...his smile & eyes lit up the picture. He caught my eye right away. I read his bio & noticed he was deaf, however that did not phase me at all. I saved the link to his page, but, this isnt the right time, we do not even have a house, nobody will let us adopt in the middle of building a house. At lunch I decided to mention something to G about this little guy & show him the information. He was like what are you waiting for?? Mind you, he has never said this before. I still sat on it a bit. Then I sent my mom the link & she too was like go for it!

I kept worrying about the house stuff, but was like, what the heck...what is the worst that can happen? They say no. So I put in for more information on this little man. A day later they called me, however I missed the call. Once I heard the voicemail, the nerves kicked in..I could not believe this was happening, we were actually talking about a child.

I called the social worker back & after a 30 minute conversation, I knew in my heart that this was my son. I went to G with all the information they provided me with at the time & got working on our application with the agency so that we could receive all his medical records. 2 days later we received his medical records...this began a week of insanity!!!

We started with a friend of ours that spoke Chinese. We asked him to check the records & make sure the translation we had received was indeed correct. We then sent them on to our GP just to see what he thought & if it would be worth taking on to Cincinnati Children's International Adoption program. The GP saw what we did...a healthy child, just hard of hearing.

Last Friday, the 20th we were off work & literally attached at the hip as we awaited the call from Cincinnati Children's. We had sent his records over 2 days before so that they may look over everything. We were told the dr. would call between 11:30-4. This meant we did everything together waiting for this call. I wanted a smoothie...G went with me :) Finally about 12:30 we were tired of sitting in our little apt & decided to go to the outlet mall. We figured that if the dr. called this would be a place that was easy to walk out & set on a bench somewhere.

At 1:45, when we were almost to the mall, the dr called! The next 40 minutes were spent in the car, in the mall parking lot speaking with the dr. After going over any concerns we may have had & a bunch of little things here & there, she ended her call by saying: 'hang up the phone & call the agency right away, do not lose this little guy!'

See, we had found out the day before that another couple had requested his records. You know that feeling when you have your first real heartbreak & you think you just felt your heart actually break in half?? That was the feeling I had when I found this out. In my heart, I knew this little guy was meant to be my son & the thought of something happening killed me.

We hung up the phone with the dr., looked at each other & started crying. It was all coming together...everything was starting to make sense, he was always meant to be our son. I called the agency right away & left a message, followed by an email. Within moments our email started 'blowing' up with emails from different people at the agency. They stated they would be accepting no further applications on this little guy & would start moving forward with us.

Saturday was spent filling out some paperwork for him, to make sure we were indeed suitable parents for him. After going through our paperwork, we received a call on Monday evening congratulating us on being parents!!!

Now we start the paperwork & homestudy process. We are trying to do everything as fast as possible because we want this little guy home with us!! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go Check Out My Time Line!

Sorry, not tons of time to blog right now..but you can get the idea of what is going on from my timeline here!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


We have found a little boy that is a waiting child...we are meeting with doctors tomorrow to go over his records & hoping everything looks good. Please send good thoughts & hopefully if all goes well...I can write with more details at a later date :)
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