Thursday, May 23, 2013

New RE

So we met with a new RE yesterday. Now let me start by saying I loved my last RE, I just cannot see making the drive to another state if we are doing treatments. With that being said, we decided something closer would be better. After meeting this doctor, I am totally ok with this decision, as I really liked him.

We talked about our options..which we pretty much already knew. 1) See if my DH has sperm & do IVF with ICSI or 2) IUI or IVF with donor. Of course the Dr. (we will call him Smilie) said nothing with the DH would matter if I did not look good. So after talking a bit it was test time.

He was easily able to find my ovary, which he was very pleased with because that meant there was not scar tissue (or at least much). He then took a look at my remaining ovary & I am pleased to say, looked GREAT! Had follicles & everything...that is right, I have a good ovary, GO ME! Then it was uterus time & I do believe the exact words were 'it's beautiful & amazing!' Never thought I would hear words like this when it came to my inners since for so long they have been so crappy.

I really feel that once I had my left ovary & tube removed & then dealt with the spleen stuff that things have been getting better. My periods have been regular for the first time in my life, I feel good, my pain is pretty much gone...I am hoping that removing all that was like getting rid of the bad & now what is left can do what it needs to.

I then had some blood work done, which I will find the results of next week..just to make sure that the ovary was indeed as good as it looked.

So since I looked good it's on to a male infertility urologist. We will be going to this guy on the 7th. We will see what he says & go from there.

Fingers crossed. It is just still so nuts to me that the Dr. Smilie was pleased with me & we are actually thinking about this..if we find swimmers, we are a go...NUTS!

I truly never thought I would be here. 5 years ago I would have never imagined that our path would have brought us here. We are still looking into adoption, but we both feel we need to give this a try, just once, just to see.

Friday, May 17, 2013

More Changes

I hate how much money plays a part of everyone's IF really makes the whole situation a lot more unfair than it already is.

Looking further into surrogacy information, all the things that go along with it & cost has been a HUGE eye opener for me. I mean, I knew it would be a big process & cost a decent amount..but I truly had NO idea when it came to the cost. We are lucky because it is a tad cheaper due to it being a known surrogate & not using an agency, but still..WOW! After speaking with the RE we wish to go with & getting deeper into the cost, I find myself shying away from it. I have a very hard time swallowing the fact that we would spend up to 6 digits to do a surrogacy & possibly end up with no child. We would spend all our savings, plus have to take out a loan & be paying on it for who knows how long. But the more we got digging & I saw how much just IVF cost, the more I began to think about that.

When the DH & I first started this journey 4.5 years ago. We opted for no treatments because we knew our chances were slim. That all seems like decades ago though..things have changed. We have been through a lot, gotten stronger, taken a break from the baby idea & have grown. We are not who we were then. So I started wondering...why couldnt we try IVF? I mean, we could try a round, not have 6 digits invested in it & still have money to adopt later down the road if we wanted to.

So last night I went to my OB. I wanted to see what he thought of me trying IVF since he knows my history so well. He said he has just been waiting for me to show up in his office pregnant. (the man has held out so much hope for us) We talked about my risk & history & he feels I am in the best shape he has ever seen me & strong & said go for it.

So this morning, I called a new RE to setup a consult. I am still waiting to hear back from them..but G & I are at least going to see what they say.

We also still have our possible adoption situation. She is due July 8th..yep, she was 31 weeks along, not 6 like she originally thought when we found out. We did find out it was a boy...but I really think she is going to decide to parent. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much, because I really am not sure if she will want to put the baby up for adoption. But it is always a possibility.

I never thought I would sit here one day & type the words 'I may do IVF.' I never thought our crazy path would bring us it's all new to me & exciting.

I have a lot more to talk about with all this & my thoughts on it...but I'll save you all for now ;)
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