Friday, April 5, 2013

New Direction??

I have been trying to figure out what to write, but I still do not know...I am still in shocked. We have had an offer from a dear friend to be a surrogate. Now, I had a friend offer before, but I dont know, something about it didnt feel right. Maybe part of me felt she was offering because she felt like she should?

This friend...I truly had no idea she felt this way. Her & her DH have been talking about this between themselves apparently for a while now & she came to us the other day.

I am still in shock, still overwhelmed. I cannot believe somebody truly likes me & the DH as much ;) I mean to offer yourself to help us have a child is crazy to me! We are thinking about this, we really are...this is a chance at a biological child. Something we never thought we could have.

If we do decide to go through with this, both the DH & I would have to go through things. I would donate & he would have to have surgery in order to try to find sperm. We have decided if we cannot do those 2 things, we will not go through with the surrogacy, there would be no need to put her through everything if the child could not biologically be ours.

So is this a possible new direction? Very possibly. I will go to the OB in May to see what he says & she will be transferring to my OB as well...we will then be going from there. Sadly, we will have to travel some to go to an RE, as the one here in town will not do single women or surrogacy due to religious beliefs (that is a whole new post)

Oh also....we have been asked if we would be interested in adopting. The birth mother is still VERY early in her pregnancy & adoption is just being talked about, but we have been asked if we would be interested.

So yeah, all kinds of new directions are possible...a lot to take in...a lot to think about.
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