Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving Along

This is the 'story of our lives' right now...moving along.

The house build is moving along, the adoption is kind of moving along...we are going day to day, moving along, trying to get closer to bringing our son home.

We got 3 short videos a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it took me a few days before I could watch & not bawl my eyes out. The video made him see so much more real to me. He is happy & smiling, so joyful. I also bawled because you can see the love between him & his foster mother. It breaks my heart to know that his he will be taken from the only mother he has ever know, that his little world will be rocked to the core. But I see how he loves her & I can only hope that one day he will be like this again, with us.

These videos showed us that he knows no sign language, rather communicates through gestures....lots of thumbs up. He does make noises however when he gets happy & is proud of what he has done. The sparkle in his eyes...oh my! I could go on forever about his cuteness...but I will save you :)

They orphanage in China has also taken him in for more hearing test. The test results they have provided however do our doctor here in the US no good, as it does not show pitches, etc. So we will not know the extent of his deafness until we get him home.

As I said, we are moving along...well, as a couple we are! We have all our dossier paperwork done & back from the Chinese consulate. However, the state is NOT moving along. We have now been waiting for our child abuse clearance for over 7 weeks. We need these in order to officially be done with our homestudy & start our USCIS for the I800. When we did the clearances previously, it took a week...2 max.

We only have 6 months total to do everything for China...so now at 7 weeks waiting for this, it is really eating away at precious time. My grandfather has always been big about writing your congressman...that is what he is there for he has always told me, so I took his advice. Yesterday, I did it, I wrote our congressman...& wouldnt you know, they wrote back right away! They are talking to the agency that does the clearances as we speak, so finger crossed!

I know this is a lot of thrown together thoughts...but just wanted to get them out. I need to write more about the 'special needs' adoption & his deafness....but that will need to wait for now.

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  1. Good for you for taking inititiativr and writing your congressman! I hope that makes things along quite a bit faster! :)


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