Saturday, October 26, 2013


We got our first update on our lil man last night. (we will all him A)

I cannot get over how fast he is growing already! I feel like he is losing his baby fat cheeks & they cut his hair, he looks like a lil grown up man. He is so tall too..the 95% tile for US babies his age, so a tall guy. I cried when I saw his pictures. I already feel like I am missing out on so much & he is literally growing up before my eyes.

They say he likes to hold paper towel rolls & act like he is singing; imitating what he sees on TV. He also picks up after his foster sister...a child after my own heart, HA! They say next month they will take video of him, so I cannot wait for that.

We already have 2 of our 4 homestudies done & will be doing the last 2 all next week. We also have finished getting all our dossier paperwork & already have some of it at the consulate. Hoping to have the rest to the consulate in the next 2 weeks. At this rate the dossier will be done in a month..meaning it only took us 2 months! We are going as fast as we can...we want A home!

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