Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fast Forward

We are on super fast mode to get our lil man home. The thought of having him in another country one day longer than he has to be breaks our heart. So it has not even been a month since we decided to adopt this little sweet heart & we already have done all our homestudy paperwork & had our first visit. We have 3 more visits to do & have them all scheduled & will be done with them by November first. So that means 1 visit next week and 2 visits the week after that. We are already over half way done with our dossier paperwork as we are chugging right along.

My head is still spinning & there are days that I look at his picture & cannot believe he is my son. Even a month and a half ago, I could have never imagined I would be in this spot, working on everything to bring my son home.

So nuts, but I love it. I love seeing our families so excited & I love the way G lights up when he talks about him. (I'm totally understanding this 'your husband is so sexy as a dad' thing!)

Our goal is to have everything done & in for the dossier by January. Originally it was February...but the way it's going, we now thing January is plenty of time!!!

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  1. Your son is almost here! I am so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see pictures of his sweet face once you have him. Prayers!


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