Saturday, June 1, 2013

Positive Thinking

I read that if you think positively about getting pregnant & treatments working, it will help. Not sure how true this is, but I am sure trying to live this motto!

This past week has been a whirlwind since our doctors appointment last week. I did not hear anything on my bloodwork, which they said no news was good maybe my body is actually working like it should for once. We now have the DH's appointment coming up next, how I hope this goes well.

The few people IRL that know about what we are doing are the only ones I can say these 'crazy' things to, like 'oh, I cannot drink at your bachelortte party, Ill be pregnant' or 'I need to look into possible bigger cars, because once we have a baby, my car will be too small.' I wont lie, I slightly feel nutty saying things like this after so many years & will feel really nutty if this doesnt work...but I am trying, I have to believe. But I also know that no matter if IVF works or not, I can still say things like the car thing because I will be a mom...somehow.

I hope the positive thinking helps, I really do..but at the same time, if it did, wouldn't we all be parents?!


  1. I remember being exactly in your shoes before our first IVF attempt. I was wrong an wasn't going to be pregnant wen I thought I would. But I wouldn't change a thing. Try to hold onto that hope and harness your positive thinking. Better to feel nutty if you're wrong than have regrets that your negative thoughts impacte the outcome. Good luck!!

  2. Hey, I am all for positive thinking. I know it's not scientific or a sure-bet for a pregnancy but it never hurts. Hope is everything. The moment I knew I lost hope would have been the moment nothing would go right.

    Positivity and hopefulness makes for good parenting in the future. Some day and hopefully VERY soon, you WILL be parent. You WILL. You must believe that every moment of the day.

    You will get there.


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