Thursday, February 21, 2013


It's been a really long time since I have done one of these..between getting sick last year (which you can read about here, here and here) and just working a lot, I have been neglecting my blog & I am glad to be back & part of ICLW.

So welcome!

A bit about me...31, PCOS, Endo, no left tube and ovary, no spleen and now a blood clot survivor
About the DH...31, severe azoo

A little over a year ago after over a year in the international adoption process there was a little girl that we got a referral for & sadly could not accept. After this, we left the program in Colombia, planning on taking a short break & then going to domestic adoption. Once I found out that I had to have my spleen removed & then developed clots, that break went from a few months to over a year. As I get stronger from everything last year, we are slowly starting to think about the adoption process again. We had decided that I needed to be 100% before starting up, so it's looking like that may happen later this year or beginning of next.

So for now...we are just 'in-between-ers'

Ill end with a random fact about myself & hope you share one about you :)

I met my husband, married him, went on our honeymoon & were home the day we had been together 6 months!


  1. Wow lady! you have been through so much. i hope domestic adoption goes better for you.

  2. Hi from ICLW. On a happy thought, since you are adopting you are a "soon to be Mommy".

  3. I've been following you for a while so I know your story so I'm just commenting to say hi. :) Enjoy your in between time. Rest up before you have to jump back into the adoption stuff! :)

  4. Hi from ICLW. My husband has azoo too, and I have my own issues. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, but glad to come across your blog!

  5. Well, when you know, you know, right?!

    This has been quite a journey for you. Wishing you all the best for the future. Happy ICLW!

  6. So sorry that you've been under the weather for a while and hope that you start feeling much better soon! Here from ICLW.

  7. HI from ICLW! Love your blog! I am 31, and have PCOS. Been TTC for 2+ years. I wish you the best and I am excited to follow along! ;-) I hope 2013 brings your renewed health!

  8. My husband and I have a similar whirlwind story. After drifting for so long through separate lives, we didn't want to wast another moment not being together! I hope this 'in-between' time for you brings some rejuvenation and healing and takes you steps closer to parenting your baby! Hi from ICLW.

  9. Hi from ICLW. So happy for you that you have chosen adoption and will be working on that soon! All the best!!

  10. What a roller coaster you've been on! Hopefully it will all slow down so you can move forward with adoption.

    Random fact about me: I've been coaching softball for 20 years and we have been to the state tournament all but 2 of those years. We even won the State Championship in 2007!


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