Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sigh Of Relief

Well yesterday was my mammogram for Thin 1 & 2...I really was unsure what to expect when it came to the mammo, but I can say it's probably not what I thought. I had no idea some weird/nerdy/awkward woman would be playing..sorry positioning, my boobs so much!

Spent what felt like forever doing the was probably 30-40 mins then they took me to a room to sit & wait. Since I was there for diagnostic, they said they would tell me before I left. As I sat in a room with another woman...naked from the waist up, with a huge oversized robe that didn't want to stay closed...I could not help to wonder how many woman had sat in that very chair & had wondered the same thing I had. How many woman had gotten good news & how many had their lives change.

I sat there waiting to hear if my mammogram looked good or if there were further test needed. I was so nervous I had to sneak off to my locker & get my cell phone in order to have some support as I sat there freaked out. So glad I did this because they came back to tell me they wanted to have further test run; they would do an ultrasound...cue major freak out!!

Went in for the ultrasound & I was laying there trying to see what was on the screen. Now, Ive gotten pretty good at knowing what is going on when I have an ultrasound for my uterus & ovaries..but boobs, well, I have NO I just watched! The tech left after what seemed like a fast ultrasound & said she would show the no time both her &  the dr were in my room....with good news!

Yes, I have 2 lumps in my right breast, but they are nothing of concern. The Dr. still wants me to meet next week with the breast specialist/surgeon to decide if they will be taken out like my previous one, because they are painful, or if we will just watch for a while.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear this news. I did not realize how worried/scared I was until that Dr. stood in front of me telling me they were nothing. I felt the weight come off my shoulders.

I guess I have felt like this year has been nothing but bad news for me & my I had almost just assumed this would be the I am very happy!

I cannot thank you all enough for all the Twitter love & support I got yesterday...had I known I would be getting results yesterday, I would not have gone alone...but knowing all my ladies were there with me in thought & virtually holding my hand as I freaked...well, it was so comforting! THANK YOU!!

So now to see what the specialist says next week...but at this point, I don't Thing 1 & 2 are ok & not harming me :)
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