Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Question Friday

I have not done this in a while & figured since I haven't had tons to write about recently...this would be something fun & would give me something to post about.

1. Do you prefer to drive to your vacation spot or fly? I am a flier all the way. I hate how tired driving makes you & it feels like a waste of time to me. You spend too much time of your vacation getting to where you need to be.

2. If you could live any where in the world, where would you go and why? This is a huge 'shocker' I know, but I would live in Vermont. I just love their way of life there. It seems to simple & carefree to me. The work to live, not live to work there. I love how the people are all about healthy living and community. It's also just so dang beautiful there.

3. Should grown women wear leggings? I wear leggings & I would think at 30 I am a grown I guess it's ok. Now, in my defense, I only wear them when I have a longer shirt or dress on...none of this flaunting my booty in leggings crap.

4. If you could change your name to any other name, would you? And what would it be? I always wanted to be named Aimee. Why, I have no clue, but for as long as I can remember that is what I told my parents they should have named me. Would I change it now? Nope...too much of a hassle

5. What magazines to you have subscriptions to? Cosmo, Yoga, Dwell, Clean Eating, Woman's Health, & a cople other organic/health kinda magazines

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Yes, this is what I will now 'lovingly' be calling my newly found breast lumps. Yep, that is right, 2 more lumps.

I had found 1 about a month ago & then at my yearly last week, the Dr found a 2nd. They are actually right by where I had the other one removed May of 2011. I am now waiting for my new surgeon's office to call me & set up a mammogram.

I had to get a new surgeon because I refuse to go back to the other that did my last lump..he is also the guy that removed my spleen & caused me all my extra fun there was not a question in my mind that he was out. Apparently though this new surgeon is amazing & deals mostly with the that makes me happy :)

I am hoping that this time I can actually get a mammogram because with my last lump I was refused by the imagining place. They told me I was too young & made me do another we will see what happens, as they are sending me to a different facility.

I'm pissed as all hell about all this, I won't lie..I am sick & tired of being sick & tired. I am really starting to wonder who the heck I pissed off to get all I have this year...but after some good crying & feeling sorry for myself...even though I am made, I am just gonna roll with the punches. This is not more than I can handle..I have been given all this because I am strong.

So now, Ill wait to hear from this new dr & get Thing 1 & 2 looked at...I am really hoping they do not have to be removed because the thought of a surgery scares the hell out of me..but I will do what I have to in order to take care of myself.

This year has taught me so precious life is & how I only have this 1 body & have to do whatever to take care of that is just what Ill do.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still Here.....

And still not much to say!

I feel like I am in such limbo when it comes to kids. Im so torn between adoption & living child free. I like the 2 of us & what we have. I am scared at the thought of starting up an adoption again. It has been so nice not having to have every moment scrutinized & watched. To not have to provide bank information & have fire's all been so nice. But when it comes down to it, does that crap really matter once I am a mom & have a little one to love?
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