Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newtown Reflections

Please hang in there with me as I spill my thoughts out in a possibly not so eloquent manner.

After 9/11, I  refused to not fly because that is what they would have wanted.

After shootings in movie theatres, I didn't stop going..I didn't want to live my life in fear.

After what happened last week...well, I just cannot stop thinking about it. I cannot stop thinking about those little babes who so senselessly lost their life because of a monster. I cannot stop thinking about what happens if we adopt. I am scared to send a child to school. I am scared to raise what I think is a good child and they turn out to be a monster that could do something like this. This tragedy has hit me in a way I didn't know was possible.

I worry about loosing a child I do not even have. I know this is not the way to live and there is a lot more good then there is bad in this world...but this is, sadly, the world we live in now. Is this the world I wish to raise a child in?

My heart breaks for the parents and families of all the victims and I cannot imagine the grief and heartbreak they are dealing with...how their lives have forever changed. But do I let this killer who killed 26 innocent people & let him 'rule' my future because I am scared?


  1. Good question. I struggled with sending K to school yesterday, but I also know I can't protect her from everything. I can't keep her in a bubble for the rest of her life. All I can do is have faith that she'll be okay, and when she's old enough, teach her about the good in the world and try to steer her from evil.

  2. Hi! I have been reading your blog and commend you for your journey. You bring up a good question. Something I have thought about too and wrote about. I have similar feelings about bringing a child into this world, but I also realize the good that is there too. I love Katie's comment. We have to keep the faith.


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