Thursday, June 7, 2012


Not much to say really, just wanted to say 'hello'

We are working on little projects here & there around the house. It's so hard to believe that we've been there a year! The house has been completely updated, there were just a few things we wanted to do.

1) A deck...finished today actually
2) A fence...going in in July
3) Driveway resurfaced...done a month ago

Yea, you know you are getting old when these things are the highlight of your summer, this far! But it's all coming together & looks so nice. The DH even up a porch swing out on the deck for me! I cannot wait to use it & read at night.

We are getting ready to do some summer traveling. Some for work, some for fun. I will be going on my first long car ride since the PEs, so I am a tad nervous about that. It's an 18 hour drive to my in-laws, so we will see how this all goes!

Speaking of PEs, I am almost 4 months out. I cannot believe it...hopefully in 2 months I my lungs will look good & I can come off the blood thinners. I will say though, I am VERY scared to come off them. As much as I know I have no risk for blood clots, they were strictly from my surgery, it's still hard to get through my head. I plan on starting to go to a life coach that specializes in PTSD (from the PEs) and infertility before I come off the meds..I think this will be good all around.

One last thing..the DH & I are still feel good about our adoption decision. It's been so nice to finally be living at peace & just living for the day. So for now, we could not be happier & when the time is right, we will know & we will move forward.

That is about it for now...Do you have any big summer plans?

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  1. I am so glad you are keeping busy and enjoying life!! :)

    I agree with the whole, "you know you're getting old when ..." I get excited about buying and planting flowers and doing home improvements, etc.

    We do not have any big summer plans... although we're thinking about going to London over Christmas to meet my nephew...but we'll see if finances permit it.

    I hope the therapy helps -- I cannot image what that must be like... I get scared thinking about things like that, and I have no reason (as far as I know) to be fearful... but I'm sure therapy will help you manage that fear/worry/stress!!

    Let us know how it goes!!?


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