Friday, December 23, 2011


I thought I had almost gotten through 2011 with only 1 surgery & nothing major going only I should have known better!!

Starting last Saturday & was getting these intense pains in my side..I mean I do not even know how to describe the pain. It put me in bed all day on Saturday. By Sunday I felt like somebody had just beat me on my side. Me being stubborn, I never took anything or let my DH take me to the hospital or anything. I just assumed it was bad endo or possibly kidney stones. By Monday I was feeling rough again, so I decided to go see Dr. Phonebook just in case. I really felt like I was 'giving in' by going to the doctor, but I am really glad I did.

Dr. Phonebook did an exam & really thought it was kidney stones, but sent me for an ultrasound & Cat Scan just to make sure. So yesterday morning I was off to the hospital for my test.

First it was harder than I thought going to the hospital because it was the first time I had been back since last year when I had the surgery that took my tube & ovary. But secondly, I knew it wasn't stones..nothing is ever that easy with me.

By last night I was back at Dr. Phonebook's for the results...I have a large, 9.1cm mass, on my spleen. It is benign, thank goodness & now I have to see what the plan of attack is.

I have an appointment today with my GP & then an surgeon next week. I am in shock. I never in a million years expected to have such a large mass or anything found. I was the idiot thinking I would just need a good 'yearly cleaning' because I had adhesions, endo, etc.

Whatever the plan of attack is, I plan on getting out of my funk & facing this all head on. This will NOT get the best of me! I refuse.

I will say I am tired of being sick, I am tired of all the problems...but Ill be damned if this gets me down!


  1. I have a slightly enlarged sleep and it's awful, especially when I'm getting sick. The pain is so hard to describe to people that have no idea what I'm talking about. I can actually feel it sometimes...It's awful! Good luck with your plan of attack! Thinking of you!

  2. Good attitude! You deserve a break but since you're not getting one yet, I'm glad you're feeling feisty about it! Hang in there. <3

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Hope that you get some answers today and feel better soon.


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