Thursday, October 20, 2011

Petition-Help with a Twitter Campaign!!

We are launching a Twitter campaign today! Would you be willing to help? For those interested, please tweet something along the following lines, and if you wanted to copy and paste this on to your blog, I would love you forever and ever. Thank you!!


Ask “Quinn” - would you appear in a PSA about adoption?

Join us on Twitter to ask the actress who plays Quinn, Dianna Agron, if she would do a PSA about adoption. Here’s what we’re tweeting:

November is Adoption Awareness Month! RT to ask @DiannaAgron would you do a #Glee PSA to help?

Adoption PSA “seems like a reasonable request” says @TIME. What do @DiannaAgron, @idinamenzel think? RT to ask them.

We heart #Glee’s Quinn - will @DiannaAgron help #adopted kids by doing a PSA? RT to ask her.

1 comment:

  1. I was excited when she chose adoption on the show last season, as it's rarely discussed in pop media. I'm not so happy with her new desire to get the baby back- I think the show is sending the wrong message now.


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