Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sick & Tired

I am sick & tired of being sick & tired.

How much can 1 person; 1 body take?! I'm tired. I'm tired of the doctors, the fight, the heartache. 10 years now I have catered to my failing body. What have I done to make my female inners hate me so? When I was 6 did I say I didn't want to have kids & my body listened? When I was 10 did I say I never wanted my period & hated all that would happen & my body decided to stick it to me?! Whatever I may have said..I AM SORRY!

I'm tired of feeling like my body is failing me. I'm tired of always waiting for the other shoe to drop...what next.

My pap results came back abnormal...the results show ASC-US, which means ASC with "uncertain significance"...so yay, that is fun. So now I get to have a colposcopy, a test I can say I have never had! How have I made it to be almost 30 & miss out on this fun OB test?!

I sometimes wish I had said the hell with it all last year & just said take it all. I know my body will never produce a baby, so why do I keep all these things?! "Just in case?"

I just don't think I have anymore "just in case" left in me. I'm tired of people saying I'm young...so just in case...

I'm pretty sure I'm just in cased out! I want my life back..I'm so tired
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