Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scared Women

How can you hide your pregnancy, give birth to not 1 but 2 babies, kill them & then go on like nothing every happened?! Seeing stories like this make me so sad. I'm sad for the loss of the babies lives, knowing how many people out there would have been so happy to adopt them, but also for the mother.

How can somebody be so scared? How can you be so petrified that you tell nobody, no friends, no family, about their pregnancy? How can a woman feel so alone that they feel the only way to go on with their life is to end the life of a helpless newborn?

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened. Sadly, this isn't the first time I have seen this. When I was in middle school my neighbors girlfriend did the same thing. I saw her just weeks before giving birth & had no idea she was pregnant. Her story was just like the other, just like many others we do not hear about. She was scared, she didn't want people to know. Her boyfriend, my neighbor, had no idea that she was carrying his child. She went to the bathroom, had her baby in the toilet & then killed it.

My heartbreaks. My husband & I were talking about this after seeing the article Friday about the lady that killed her twins. My DH's response to all this was "kids think they'll get in serious trouble, so they hide it and try to get away with it.  We need to make it OK to let it out."

What he is saying is so true, but how do we do that? We have let women know they can bring their children to fire departments, to hospitals; to safe havens. Up to the baby being a few days old, most states will allow the mother to leave their child with an official & no questions will be asked. When I hear of women doing this, I cannot help but think they are so brave.

We also let women know there are options of adoption. There are thousands of couples waiting to be a family. There are thousands of couples that would love to take these children in, to thank the mother for their brave decision & become a family.

But do we get the word out? How do we stop stories like these? How do we let these women know that it's ok & it will be ok. Killing your newborn is not the answer.

I never want a woman to feel that murder is the only way out...but how do I do that?!

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  1. Wow! I can't even imagine that...part of me wonders if it is fear as much as it is some degree of mental instability. What great fear could there be to cause someone to kill a helpless newborn?

    I agree how do we help them to know, that there are options and choices.


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