Monday, August 8, 2011

How Do You?

How do you do it again? How do you get the money? How do you go through the wait again? How do you just do it?

The DH & I have been talking a lot more lately about adopting a 2nd time & more & more it is looking like LP will an only child. We worry about the money. How do you pay for a 2nd adoption and be able to give you children everything you want? College, dance classes, soccer fees, etc.

Also, you can call me selfish, but I don't know if I can do this again. I do not know how you can be raising a child & handle this wait. Handle the paperwork, the dossier, everything that comes along with it.

I just don't get it....I always thought I wanted more children, at least 2...but now I am not so sure. Yet, another thing infertility has taken from me.


  1. I'm totally there with ya. We talked a lot about #2 before #1 even got here. Now LM has been home 3 months and if we want #2, we'd have to apply immediately so we won't age out of the program. Of course, that is assuming that Korea even continues the program for the next year or two. Which means coming up with the cash to do it again, in a relatively short amount of time. Just not sure it's possible. Sigh...

  2. yes.
    no matter if we are ever able to have our own (you can go ahead and laugh at that) or adopt, i feel we will never have the family we(i) have always dreamed of, we will be limited by time, money and circumstances.
    im so sorry you will be too. i wish you would be able to have all you want and then some.

  3. We've been thinking about no. 2 as well. I have no idea how we'd afford it AGAIN.

  4. Love you! I wish I could give you an answer to all those questions!!

  5. We have no way of even starting to think about a treatment or adoption. Really makes your heart ache some times doesnt it? xoxo

  6. It's tough. I know I will adopt one day. I know that child will have special needs. I'm already saving.

    But, I have helped a TON of families fundraise for their adoptions (all have been special needs so it's different).... so it is possible to raise the money.

  7. Ugh, I don't know. We're trying not to discuss a second until we're through finalizing our first, but it's definitely forefront in my mind quite often. The other part of it, besides trying to come up with the money is that, at least for domestic, we're looking at a doubled wait time. Many times mothers want to place with a couple who does not have children and there are plenty of those out there.

    On the plus side, everyone I've talked to says the process itself is much easier the second go-round, including the wait.


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