Monday, July 4, 2011


I am starting to feel better...a bit more like me. Last week was ROUGH! I am not sure what my deal was. I felt like the walls were closing in on me, I felt like everything was crumbling around me. I was and am tired of waiting. I am stressed at work. I hate what infertility has done to me. I feel alone. All this hit at once.

My mom was great enough to recognize all this & see I needed to step away...therefore my DH & I will be getting away for a long weekend this week,  thanks to my parents.

I know it will be ok, it always is. I know I will feel better, I know I can do this...


  1. I keep telling myself it will be okay and I hope one day I believe it! I am glad your parents are so supportive, mine are starting to understand the pain I am living through too. Have a great weekend and I know we will all get through this!

  2. I feel your pain (as much as I can because I know you've been through a lot more than me) but I am so happy you will be able to get away for the weekend. Enjoy your time and try to take a deep breath and relax. I'll be praying for you!

  3. I feel you. I've been the same way the past couple of weeks, and I THINK I'm finally pulling myself out of it. But it's been rough. I'm so glad you are able to get away for a long weekend. I hope you and G enjoy yourselves!

  4. I understand how you feel, I think we all get like it at times. Just know you are not alone.
    Great you are getting away, hope you can relax a little

  5. i'm so sorry, chickie...hope your time away was refreshing...hang in there, buddy.


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