Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I thought I was going to have to console my OB's new nurse tonight!

She is a newbie & when I met her last visit back in June, I introduced myself, explained she would see me a lot & that I looked forward to getting to know her! Apparently she thought I was kidding!

Tonight when I got to the OB the first thing I did was a lovely pregnancy test. The nice new nurse took me back in the exam room as she let the test do it's thing. Now, after you have seen 25,000 negatives, another does not phase you; it's just the way it is.

This poor girl looked like she was gonna cry! She gave me the puppy dog eyes & kept looking at the test, like she was waiting to see that 2nd line. She finally looked at me, looked down, & shook her head no. She told me how sorry she was. She then kept looking at the that line was just going to appear!

I joked with her, to let her know I would be that time she asked, if we had kids &when I said no, then wanted to know if we wanted kids. I had to give her the 5min run down on the last 10 years of my life...poor girl looked like I ran over her puppy!

Something wrong when I become so used to this, I am the one consoling the nurse!

Once that was over came Dr. Phonebook. He just looked so defeated! Again, he apologized...he then felt that he was missing a puzzle piece...possibly he needed to look at more. He started going back through ALL my records...things just don't add up (story of my life)

I had my last round of test in late May, which led to my estrogen shot in June, 6 months to the day of my surgery. Now that I have had the shot & no AF since May...back for more bloodwork. He is really starting to think I am premenopausal. Everything my body says points to that...but my bloodwork doesn't point to it I will go get more bloodwork, in the meantime, he will keep going over my records & looking into things & then I will go back in 4 weeks...until then, has anyone been diagnosed with premenopause?


  1. Yes, I was diagnosed with premenopause but my RE called it pre POF for me. Hope the b/w gives you some answers.

  2. Ugh I know the feeling where you almost become numb to the negative results.. in fact I get to the point where I think I would faint if I ended up with a positive test!

    I wish things were different. Stupid female problems.


  3. There is something called perimenopause, which is the predecessor to menopause.
    Hopefully the doctor can figure all of this out for you.

  4. Crazy moment with the nurse. Maybe she's dealing with infertility herself? You never know! Hopefully the doctor can take a closer look.

  5. Have you tried Vitex? It's all natural, cheap, and is pretty effective at inducing AF. I have PCOS as well, and after 19 months without AF, I started taking Vitex. Since then I have had 8 normal periods in 10 months. I'd talk to your doc to see if he's ok with you taking it.

  6. My sister was when she was about 31 or 32. She was in the process of her first IVF when they realized it. Crazy that it can happen so early.
    I had to laugh about the puppy nurse. Poor girl. I've noticed a lot of people get the oh my dog/cat/beloved pet passed away look when you start telling them things IF related. It's almost heart breaking to watch people's response to your trials/struggles/journey. Which I find ironic. Haha. Anywhooo hope your dr can get you the answers you deserve.


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