Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's nice to be back at ICLW, I have missed it the past couple of months!

If you are new here, here is the background info on the DH & I

Just a quick fill in on what has been going on....

2 weeks ago I had a lump removed from my breast that the Dr has been watching for over a year & was not getting better...only larger

3 weeks ago we turned down a referral for a little girl, which has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. The good news that came from this was that we are only waiting with 10 other families for our age group. It could be as soon as the end of this month that we get another referral.

We have also had our baby shower & it is so unreal to be how loved LP already is!

Other that those 2 things, just enjoying the spring & ready for summer! I think this summer is going to bring big things for us!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Glad you're back in ICLW.

    Glad you got that lump removed.

    I hope you get a referral that feels right to you soon.

    ICLW #6

  2. I found you through ICLW. Very happy to hear that the lump was removed. Wishing you the best with your journey and look forward to following your blog.

  3. Hello from ICLW. Glad to hear that the breast lump was apparently benign. Sorry you had to turn down a referral. I hope you get matched with your LP soon.

  4. Hi from ICLW! Sorry to hear that you had to turn die a referral but keeping my fingers crossed you get another one soon!

  5. Boy, we have a lot in common! PCOS, int'l adoption, and DH infertility struggles for starters. Sorry to say, in some ways, but I definitely agree with your graphic that infertility makes you stronger!

    Sorry you had to turn down that referral, but I believe that means you are still waiting for the child hand-picked for your family. I can't imagine having a different son than the one God gave us. I look forward to hearing your good news soon.

    Visiting from ICLW and AFCircle :) I'm at if you have time to visit.


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