Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Good & the Painfully Awkward

So this week has been the week of pediatrician appointments. Thank goodness we only had to go to 2, I am not sure after today I could have taken anymore.

I will be honest, the appointment we had yesterday, from my interaction with them before hand, I was ify on them. I could have cared less about appointment #1 I had a good feeling about #2.

I had heard great things about #1 & figured I would give them a shot, even though I thought their receptionist were awful!

So anyway, the DH & I get to the first ped. & I notice right away, they have cute murals in the waiting area, a well & sick side, they had the DH & I fill out paperwork in case we were to choose them (that is confident) We were not there very long before the Dr herself came & got us from the waiting room. As we walked through the office she showed us the rooms, the lab, etc. All the nurses were VERY nice & talking with the DH & I. We went to a room, which was all done in Ohio State (major score for me). The Dr. was so cute, she must be so used to kids, she sat on a little foot stool the entire time she talked with the DH & I. She wanted to know all about our adoption, she told about her international adoption experience, etc. It was easy, she spoke with us for about 15 mins, answered any questions we had & then showed us the specialist in the office. They have a pediatric cardiologist, nutritionist, psychologist, & audiologist.

We left that office & felt good. She was even nice enough to talk to us about traveling to Colombia & what she recommended for us, shot wise, etc. She said she would hate for us to travel & have problems of our own. You could just tell she was very genuine.

Fast forward to today's appointment.... Now, keep in mind that I was excited about this appointment. The receptionist were VERY nice, they were very confident when I asked about international adoption, I just had a great feeling. We get to the office & I notice right away that there is no well & sick side; whammy #1! There were no murals, no personality. You are dealing with kids, you have to have a little something!

So after sitting in the waiting area for about 10 minutes, a nurse came & got us & took us to a room. When we walked into the room, there was an overwhelming smell of like hand sanitizer that was enough to knock you on the floor. I already had a headache, so this was not helping! As we sat in the exam room...for 20 minutes..I looked around & even mentioned to the DH that I did not feel that exam room was as clean as the office yesterday. Again, there was NOTHING in this room to keep the child entertained, to look at or anything.

Finally after over 20 minutes the Dr walks in. This is where I wish I had pulled out my phone & just started to video tape all of this. I do not feel there is anyway to truly get across this entire appointment without you actually being there.

The Dr. walks in & he has what looks like a huge dust patch on his dark paints & a smudge so huge on his glasses that I have no idea how he can see. He proceeds to FLOP down on a stool & ask about us. Wants to know where we are from, etc. He then proceeds to tell us he went to the local Catholic high school, but married a none Catholic & didn't want their kids going there, so they went to the public high school I did. He then tells us they even wanted a say in how they were raised. After this he tells us this he goes on to nonchalantly tell us how long he has been in practice. This whole time he is still just flopped on this stool.

He then ask me WHERE I AM DELIVERING! WHAT?!? A) I DO NOT look pregnant B) Did you not pay attention to anything we told the receptionist or our notes?? Ok, so I let it pass, although I am sure the look on my face was that of shock. By this point the appointment has gone from awkward to VERY awkward. I tell him we are adopting from Colombia. Now what he tells us that he has dealt with international adoption & even had 2 kids from China with lead poisoning. That you have to be able to look for other things...but he has never seen malaria & may not know what it looked like...WHAT?!?

Ok, by this point I want out of this room...there are long, weird silences & my skin is crawling! I keep looking at the DH & you can tell he is dying to.

This is where the doctor really gets good! He talks about how you never know what you are going to get with a child & we are the same way. He goes on to tells us that his one son now his diabetes & he wouldn't have wanted that & I quote you, "but what, would we have aborted because of that, you wouldn't want to abort"

What??? Abortion...ok, get me out of this room! By this point I am looking at the DH & going, well, I think you have answered all of our questions, do you have any?? Like maybe this weird ass doctor would get the point. I must have said this 4 times, because he wasn't catching on.

Finally I just got up & said, ok, we have to go now! I walked out, I just couldn't take it anymore. I literally ran out of that office because I was going to bust out laughing.

Of course, we started thinking of all the things we could have said, that is how it always is after the fact. Like when he asked where I was delivering, I should have started crying & said "see, I told you I was fat."

But wow! I cannot imagine anyone meeting with this guy & thinking, you know, he is a great doctor, I want to come back to him!

I mean, I think we knew a lot of what he was trying to say with certain things, but he sure didn't have a way of saying it properly.

After today, we cannot do anymore, because if we have to sit in a small exam room & go through what we did today again...we may go crazy!

We really liked the one yesterday & this guy just made us like her even we made our decision!!


  1. Ohmygoodness - what a fiasco! Good for you for putting and end to #2. Yikes. I'm SO glad you found the first doctor, it sounds like she's going to be a great addition to your support network when LP arrives!! Nice work!

  2. uh, wow. what a piece of work!!!

    ftr, i've never seen a drs office wuth well & sick sides, but srsly - how brilliant!!

    glad you found a ped you'll be comfortable & happy with once LO

  3. What.the.crap. That is a piece of work. It seems there is never really a good balance of the awesome doctor and awesome staff is there? :/

    I hope maybe that the receptionist at doc #1 was just having a really bad day and it gets better.



  4. Wow that second doctor sounds crazy! I'm very glad you liked the first one so much ;)

  5. Wow. That is a whole lot of special. I like the one you chose!!!

  6. That's gotta be a tough choice between which two pedis you'll choose. How awful that second one sounds!


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