Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have always been a fan of breastfeeding & of all the things I felt like I was missing out on with adoption, this was #1. It wasn't even so much the experience of it all, as it was the good for the baby.

You may or may not have read this post back in February, where I shared that I wanted to try to at least pump, if not breastfeed LP. I had done my research, I had talked to was possible, I could do it.

I have however, had more time to really sit & think about it, along with talking with others & I am starting to realized I have A LOT working against me.

*The fact that I have PCOS makes is harder to produce milk, whammy #1.
*Strike number 2 is the age that LP will be. I always knew that LP probably wouldn't breastfeed because of his/her age, but then I got thinking, it may even be time to ween from bottles. Also, the nutrients needed from the breastmilk are not as needed by the age LP will be once home.

There are a lot of other reasons, but I will not bore you with them all. It breaks my heart, it really does...but in the long run, I know this will be the best for both LP & I.

I can honestly say that this, out of everything I will be missing from not being able to have a child is that I will not breastfeed.


  1. yeah, this is a tricky one...and one to mourn the loss of, for sure. BUT, i will say that when cb came home, he was still on bottles and still is...weaning him off is really hard, and i think hard for a lot of adopted children because it is one more thing to let go of. cb was also still on formula and we eventually mixed it with milk and transitioned fully to milk after about a month. SO. if those are two reasons you are thinking of not breastfeeding (or at least pumping), they might not be as much to worry about as you think. ;) just my two cents!
    happy iclw! hope you are healing well, my friend!

  2. Skimmed around your blog (coming from ICLW) and loved the video about melanoma (brought tears to my eyes). Also...I didn't know that PCOS patients have a harder time breastfeeding...I have PCOS and was a milk-cow...I hope for the best for you!

  3. Hello from ICLW and I love your blog. I will be following :)

    ICLW #23

  4. Hey, I hope you check older comments. It it TOTALLY possible to breastfeed successfully with PCOS. I had three strikes against me and still had a great supply. If the baby you adopt is weaned off bottles, you can always give them breast milk in a cup. Do not let PCOS be what discourages you.


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