Monday, March 28, 2011

Packed & Ready!

I really do not pack like this, I'm almost a freakishly a very light packer! But how can you say no to a cute picture like this?

Enough about my packing abilities though! As you read this, I am going on my yearly big vacation. I know I wrote last year about how I felt that was going to be our last vacation as a family of 2, but here we go again, as a family of 2.

I even booked this trip with our "maybe baby," try explaining that to a travel agent as you make your reservation! But alas, it's just the DH & I. It's ok, because I know as we go this year, that I can honestly say when I book next years trip, it WILL be for 3!!!

I am so excited to show the world to LP & travel with him/her. I want to write a post next spring about how I got a little bathing suit for LP & we have all the goodies packed! I am excited for our yearly vacation being seen through our child's eyes.

Until then, I plan on going on this vacation...resting, not worrying about getting THE CALL, & doing a lot of nothing!!


  1. I hope you have a great vacation! Doing nothing sounds perfect :).

  2. AWESOME plan - have an amazing time and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  3. Have a great, relaxing, fun time!

  4. happy vacation!!! enjoy!
    (a little jealous here!)

  5. Have a wonderful time! I know the feeling of trying to plan a trip and not knowing if you're going to be pregnant or have a kid when the trip finally rolls around ... So far hasn't been a problem! ;-)


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