Friday, March 11, 2011

Just the 2 of Us

I am used to it just being the DH & I. I like what we have & how we live our lives. I enjoy when we get to sleep in on weekends & how we can walk around the house in whatever we want...because it's just the 2 of us.

I like how we work & how we have our "routine." I know this is all going to change & I can't lie...I am a bit scared.

What will happen to us? I know our lives will never be the same & I am both extremely excited & scared to death about that.

I know we can do ANYTHING that is put in front of us, we have already proved that in so many parenthood may actually be one of the easiest.

I feel bad saying all this & I already love LP to death, do not get me wrong..but sometimes I wonder...what would it have been like if we lived child free? What if it were always the 2 of us? Would I freak because I wanted to be a mom?

Everyone that I have shared this with says it's that true? Did you ever wonder before you became a parent? Sometimes I wonder if it is because it's been harder for us to become parents & there was that thought we may never have a little one?


  1. Pretty soon you'll be one of those parents who jokes to the poor childless couples to avoid having children for as along as possible! Haha, just kidding. I'm sure you'll embrace all the craziness that comes with LP and it will be great!

  2. I wonder these exact same things, especially what it might be like if we chose to live childfree. But as much as I wonder those things, I also know we've made the right decision to pursue adoption. And I know you feel the same way. I can't wait to see and hear what your life will be like with LP. I truly believe that it will be everything you've hoped for and more. <3

  3. totally normal. especially since it's been such a long time coming! and totally normal to feel like that up until LP is actually in your arms!

  4. We're just a couple weeks away from becoming parents and I know our lives are about to change FOREVER. And I'm excited, of course, but nervous as well. It's a huge life change. One that we've been wanting for a long, long, long, long time, but nonetheless, it's a BIG CHANGE. We're just going to have to make it through, one day at a time :).

  5. I did wonder before B came along what it would be like - like how would we function on 2 hours of sleep, and what would it be like if we didn't go out Friday night AND Saturday night during football season. :) But really, it was all for naught.

    Don't get me wrong, he's turned our world upside down these last two years, but in the most amazing way. Really our lives have kept on just like they did before. We still go out with friends, and B always tags along if the situation warrants it. I never stay home because "it's too hard to get him out and about" - ever. If I would have made a Target run without him, I'm absolutely making one with him. Life doesn't stop when LP arrives, in fact, it's just beginning. :)

  6. normal and expected really sweetie, I am already a mom and I ask myself often, WHAT I WAS THINKING??? and you know how much I adore those boys. You'll see once LP is in your life that you'll ask yourself those questions on bad days...and on good days, you'll forget asking at all. ;)

  7. I completely get this! Ike and I have been "Just the two of us" for so long, I wonder how we'll adjust once we become parents.

    You'll rock it and LP will be blessed to have you guys for parents!

  8. Yah, I think about this stuff too. We really love our lives as they are now. But I know that doesn't mean we'll love our life with a little munchkin any less. It's just a change. I suck at changes, even if I'm looking forward to them! I'm thankful we have had so many years to concentrate on us, which made a solid base for our relationship, and so we can enjoy this next part twice as much!


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