Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Of My 20s

How am I 29?! This is my last year in my 20s!!! I feel like it was just my 20th birthday & I was pouting in my room, mad that I was no longer a teen. (Yep, I tend to not be pleased with getting older)

The idea of turning 30 next year is weird to me. I remember my parents in my 30s & that seemed sooooo old, now here I am 1 year away from it. But, I am not go to dwell on 30, just not yet! I'll try not to freak for another 364 days.

I feel deep down in my heart 29 will be an amazing year. I feel like I will not even remember that I will be 30 next year or even care. 29 I believe will be a life changing year. I may be wrong, I may just be too hopeful, but I strongly believe that in my 29th year that I will become a mother. That LP will have a name, not just a nickname. That LP will be a boy or a girl & will have a precious face.

So I will try to remember that everyone tells me that the 30s are the new 20s. I will not worry about my age & focus on the good that I think will be coming this year!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope that this year brings you what you are wishing for!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! I hope that this year brings you lots of joy... and LP! :)

  3. happy birthday!!! 29 was hard for me, and 30 (my most recent birthday) was even harder! but, here's the cool thing about shaved a year off my mommy age! see, choi boy was born just before i turned 29, so even though i didn't have him in my arms until i was 30, he was born when i was 28! ;) maybe it will be the same for you!

  4. What a great outlook! Happy Birthday - I hope your wish comes true!

  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!!!!!
    29 is going to be AMAZING for you.
    Wishing you all the love your heart can hold.



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