Friday, January 21, 2011

ICLW -January

Wow, the first ICLW of 2011!! This is also my 300th post!!

If this is your first time here, HI! Welcome :) Please take a moment to look at our timeline. You can also check out my last ICLW, in November, for more info on us & our journey. The only update since November is that as of yesterday, I am 6 weeks post-op from having my left ovary & tube removed. I am finally starting to feel more like me physically, but the emotional part is another thing.

But anyway, I wanted to do something a bit different this ICLW & tell you guys a 15 random things about me!

* My Favorite Movie is Splash
* My dream country to visit is Indonesia
* I've always had a feeling I would adopt
* My favorite food is crab legs
* I am petrified of snakes...just seeing them creeps me out
* My all time favorite song is Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
* I have seen The Who in concert 3 times
* Cosmo magazine is my guilty pleasure read every month
* My toe nails have to be painted at all times
* My worst habit is biting around my nails
* Hoodie & jeans is the best outfit
* I constantly change my hair- the cut, color, whatever
* My knees & elbows are double jointed
* My DH is my polar opposite
* Growing up I always thought my middle name was Maria, it's really Marie

So, again, welcome....say hi & tell me something random about you!


  1. Hi! Happy ICLW to you, too! Love the random things post...I completely agree with hoodie and jeans being the best outfit! Something random about me is I like to play Scrabble. :)
    Wishing you the best with your surgery - I know it is still 6 weeks out but I am sure it is on your mind a lot.
    Happy January!
    ICLW #152 (but also one of your followers) :)

  2. I'm not new around here, but did enjoy your 15 random facts. :-)

    I have to have my toenails painted at all times. Other than that, I'm a total slob. ;-)

  3. Happy ICLW! Loved the 15 Random things. What a great idea. I might have to steal it sometime ;)

  4. Hmm, random thing. I've had an odor obsession since I was little. My parents use to call me "the nose" as a joke an I was the one who got to find the smelly, spoiled item in the fridge.

    ICLW #124

  5. Love the 15 random things. My dream country to visit is Russia. I always thought I'd adopt too, but I thought it'd be from Russia or China. I credit Landslide with giving me the guts to go break up with a guy I'd dated 5 years - I listened to it about a hundred times before I went. And then I started dating mrohkay immediately after :)

  6. Ooo I love Splash--I always forget about it--now Im going to have to watch it!

    So it would freak you out to know that 2 summers ago, I had a snake wrapped in my car engine--that was NOT fun!

  7. You've got an award on my blog.

    Thats funny! Growing up I thought mine (and everybody elses) middle name was AND, when it was really Ann.

  8. I LOVE Splash too... I also need to locate a copy. :) And I'm so with you on the jeans/hoodie and hair comment. :)
    Congrats on the papers you received (stated in the most recent post)! I'm really excited to hear more about your adoption journey. We're in the early stages of applying for domestic.
    Best of luck to you!


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