Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Nursery

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Money Aversion

I have a very strong aversion to spending money! Anything over a couple hundred dollars sends me into a panic. I get hot & sweaty, I start breathing heavy, I feel guilty; it's not pretty!

Back 5 years ago when I bought my place my parents literally had to fan me while I signed the contract. All those dollar signs flashing before my eyes was just too much for me & the hot flashes were a comin'

I've been this way for as long as I remember. Even if I know what I am spending money on is a necessity, like clothing or household still freaks me out.

So today when we got the bill for the adoption agency, even though I knew it would be coming I still freaked. The DH was even joking saying that he needed to find me a paper bag!

I am so very excited as this is just another step closer to LP, do not get me wrong, but the money thing is still hard for me. On so many levels the money issue is much harder for me with this than even just buying my house. I don't think it's fair that we have to spend this much to become parents. I don't think anyone should have to pay this much to start a family..but that is another issue!

I need to learn to relax. I need to just think it's money & not freak when I see our dwindling savings! I know 120% that every penny will be worth it & not even matter once I have LP in my arms...but until then, I will just have my freak outs & keep the paper sacks & fans close by!

But I wonder, am I the only one like this?!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

Almost exactly a year ago we got my DH's diagnoses of Azoospermia and my world was crumbling before my eyes. I was more upset and hurt over his "issue" than my own. Mine, I could deal with. Mine we could try treatments with and have a better chance of conceiving. His, well his really was a huge problem so many levels with us. If we just had to deal with my PCOS and my other goodies or just had to deal with his, we would have been in a totally different boat.

Almost exactly a year ago all I could do was cry. I was almost non functioning as I saw my dream of motherhood going down the drain. This all changed with a picture my friend took at her OB/GYN. She had seen a poster about an adoption class at a local hospital, took a picture of it for me and that poster changed our life. That poster gave me hope. That poster landed my husband and I in an adoption class a few weeks later; to face our diagnoses, to face our fears, to find out where we were meant to be. That one poster has brought us to where we are now!

As my DH and I were having dinner the other night it dawned on me all this was about a year ago. It's amazing how a year can change your life. How one simple poster or moment can turn everything around. Here we are, a year later almost done with our dossier and at peace. I am at peace with the fact that I will never carry a child; a year ago I would have thought you were nuts if you had told me I would be here. A year ago we would have never thought that becoming parents was so near in our future.

We now talk about how we would like to go back to this adoption class and speak with others that were in our same position. How we would love to give others the hope we have found and let them know it is going to be okay; you will be a parent.

I cannot wait for this time next year to see how things have changed, because I would have never thought I would be here now; so I can only imagine in another year!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 Question Friday

Decided to do something a bit different today & do the 5 question Friday!

1. If you could speak with a different accent, what would it be (i.e Australian, Scottish)? I love a good British accent, but I am going to have to say I would want a Greek accent. I love my friends accent & think Greek is unique & what I would want

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere? (i.e floor, couch, deck) I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime! It is a gift as we like to say in my family & I love it!!

3. Do you use public restrooms? If so, do you sit on the toilet? Yes, I will use public restrooms, but I refuse to sit...I'm prefer the hover

4. If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with? Julie Roberts...I think we would get along great!

5. Where did you & your significant other go on your 1st date? We went to a Thai restaurant 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September ICLW

Welcome GraphicsWelcome everyone! I am so glad you have stopped by :) It's great to be back doing ICLW this month after taking last month off! Last month's fell right during the week of our homestudy.

A bit about Mr. PCOSChick & I can be found here. This will give you a bit of an idea on our timeline & what we are dealing with.

Right now I feel like we are kind of in the calm before the storm. Our dossier is done & in Colombia, our homestudy is done & the report is almost complete...we are waiting on 1 form for the homestudy report & our FBI fingerprints & then that is IT, we will be paper pregnant!

In this calm, I am taking time to focus on me. I have been working out & really want to tone & loose some weight before my surgery in December. No matter if I'm out a week or 6, surgery can always do the body in, so I figure better work on it now!

Guess that is it for now! Thank you all for stopping by & checking out our story.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Simple Typo

A simple typo can make all the difference in the word. It can make a word mean something totally different, it can even make you a different ethnicity!

The DH & I were emailed the draft of our homestudy yesterday & in our social worker's defense, I can only imagine how many of these reports they have to put together. I cannot blame them for using the old copy & pasting method when it comes to changing things & writing 'new' reports....however, I must admit, some of the typos were pretty funny & gave us a good laugh.

First when it got to the section about my BIL, it stated he was single & married with no kids. He is one busy dude!! Then we got down a bit further to find my brother's name had completely changed to something not even close to his real name. But the kicker...when we reached the section that spoke about how we knew it would be different raising a child of Colombian decent & how we plan on honoring their ethnicity, then went on to say, we could do this well as we were both Chinese!! I had to reread that one a few time...we know a lot about Colombian culture because we are Chinese?! I didn't know I was Chinese & I sure didn't know it helped me know about LP's culture!

Ahh...what a good laugh we got out of that. Both Mr PCOSChick & myself learned something new about ourselves today & here this entire time we thought we were Caucasian!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


Today is a very exciting day in the TTC community! First Courtney from The Peeks is PUPO!! She has her beta on September 22nd, so please go show her some love & support while she is in her 2ww.

Secondly Lisa from Waiting Lisa has brought her baby boy Jayden home. Please take a moment to stop over & wish her & her husband the very best. Lisa has been an amazingly strong lady while dealing with a lot as she was waiting to be chosen. Jayden is such a miracle! I love that such a precious, happy moment happened on a day that this country remembers with such loss & heavy hearts. I feel that Jayden made his appearance on this day to bring hope; hope for not only Lisa & Adam as his new parents, but also to all of us on this journey. It's moments like finding out that he was born & Lisa was going to be his mom that bring hope & excitement! I can truly say I am so overwhelmed with happiness & excitement for this new family.

Seeing Lisa going through all this really makes adoption so real to me! The entire process keeps becoming more & more 'real' to me as we get further into the process, but after the past couple of days & seeing this adoption journey bring home a baby; it's made me SOOO excited!! This is real! This is happening for Lisa & it will be happening for me!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Asked & I'm Answering!

First, thank you to those who sent questions in! I love how eclectic the questions were!!

Heather Asked: What drew you to Columbia? What is the adoption process with Columbia like? How long to referral, etc? WIll you travel there? If so, how long is the stay in country? I know a lot about Korean adoption (obviously, LOL!), but I don't know how the process works for other countries.
 We gravitated towards Colombia for a couple reasons, but our main was 2 kids (18 & 21) that came into our adoption class last fall. They both had been adopted as infants from Colombia & just seeing how thankful & grateful they were really made an impact on my DH & I. We knew just seeing those 2 that if we did adopt multiple children, we wanted to have them all come from the same country. Seeing these 2 & the bond they had, even though they were not birth siblings was remarkable. The process it's self is pretty similar to a lot of other countries. One of the bigger differences however is you only have to be married 2 years, where as with a lot of others it's normally 3 & up. I am not sure how it is with Korea, but I feel like with Colombia there is a lot of writing!! We have written 4 essays for our dossier. Is that what you have seemed to find with Korea?! The Colombian adoption however is much smaller than other countries. In 2009 only 238 children were adopted. The program we are in is one with a specific orphanage, therefore our wait time cuts down significantly. Our wait will be about 6-12 months. A family I know that got their 2nd baby from this program waited 9 months exactly. We do both have to travel to Colombia. It is required that both parents are in the country for the first week & then at least 1 the rest of the time. Prior to my DH changing jobs he would have only been able to stay the 1st week, so I am very happy to say now that he will be able to stay the entire time with me! We are to expect about 4-6 weeks in country. The nice thing about Colombia however is that you get your baby from the time you get there. So LP will be able to stay with us in the hotel!! Also, once our little pup comes back to American, he/she will automatically be an American citizen! Yet another wonderful perk of Colombian adoption. We love the fact that LP will be coming from Colombia & that when we pay our adoption agency the money goes to Colombia & is split amongst different after school programs, churches, etc to help children in the city from which LP will be coming from.

Katie Asked: How do you think the Bengals will do this season with Chad and TO playing together?! It can be hard being a Bengals fan sometimes, but I am proud of my team!! I really think Chad & TO will be a great team & I see wonderful things for them. However, I will admit, I am not a fair weather fan & I will love my boys no matter what!

JJ Asked: What was your first celebrity crush as a teenager? As a teenager, I do not really remember, however as a kid I really loved Peter Jennings! I know, odd right?! I remember asking my mom as a kid to turn my boyfriend on TV! I guess it was good in a way that I had a crush on him because it really got me loving the news as a young kid.

Missohkay's Questions Was: Do you plan to do anything in particular to help your child know about his/her home country while growing up? This is something we have talked a lot about & really have put a lot of thought into. We want LP to be raised as an American who is Colombian & we fully plan on embracing the culture of Colombia. We will be having meals that are native to LP's country, along with doing certain celebrations, etc. We feel it is very important for LP to know what their background is & be very proud of it. We really want him/her to embrace & love where he or she came from & will do whatever we can to support that.

Michelle Wonders: What is my favorite thing physically about myself? Probably my smile! I have worked very hard on this smile & I feel a simple smile can turn a bad day around!

Andrea Wants To Know: What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you? I will be the first to say we are not a big couple when it comes to romance, it really isn't what either one of us is all about. So when something romantic's HUGE for us! LOL But I would have to say, it was when he surprised me with ballet tickets in NYC, complete with train tickets to get there. 2 things I have always wanted to do-see a ballet in NYC & travel by train in the US.

Sara Asked: What are some of your favorite places in Ohio? I LOVE the Horse Shoe. What person in Ohio cannot love that stadium?! Just the sites, the's marvelous! I love Coventry in Cleveland, near CWRU & Cincinnati...I just love the city. Everything about it from the Bengals stadium, to the zoo...just a great town!

Thanks everyone for your questions! It was a blast!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting List

I made a mistake! I really should know better...but I went to the waiting child list.

I do this from time to time. Not because I want to give  up on Colombia or anything; but just because I cannot help myself. I look at these children & my heart breaks. I wish so badly there was so much more I could do. That I did not have to worry about money or care or anything & be able to help so many of these sweet children that deserve the world.

So here I was last night, doing what I know I shouldn't & going through the list. I fell in love. I saw this most amazing little boy. He was 8 months old, deaf and just was calling to me. It didn't help either when I saw he had the same birthday as my husband. I can honestly say that if we were completely homestudy ready that I would have written about him right then & there! Something just seemed right. I showed him to the DH & he too fell in love! (uh oh, never good when we are both in love)

I figured we could write about him as soon as our homestudy goes through, as he was just posted 2 days ago. I went today to show him to my mom & he was gone!! My heart sank, the little boy that stole my heart was gone, but then again, I couldn't help but smile. I really hope the fact that he is no longer on the site means he found a good home.

I know I shouldn't look at the list...but I can only imagine if my heart can go out to this little guy like it did..what it will be like when I see LP for the first time!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Q & A

I thought I would do something a bit different. Since work has ben so crazy for me & I really have not had time to write, I thought I would let you all; my lovely blog readers help me figure out what to write about!

So here it is, Question & Answer time! You ask & I will answer. Ask me about our adoption, my husbands Azoo, what the weather is like in Ohio...whatever you want!

You guys can leave me a question here as a comment or email me if you prefer. I will then answer your questions this week & write a new post.

So go ahead, ask away!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucy Update

First I want to thank you all for the love & support & words of encouragement! I have said it multiple times before, but I really do mean it. You all will never know how much it means to me to have all this support through everything! All my blog & twitter friends are so amazing!!

I am so happy to say that Lucy is not cancerous! I actually have 2 lumps; guess she has a twin!! Dr. Turkey (which I was in his Labrador retriever room today) was not overally concerned due to the fact that my breast are so fibrous & dense. He actually said a mammogram would not have worked well on me because of that. He wants me to take 400 units of Vitamin E a day & come back in 2 months. At that time, we can see how Lucy & her friend are doing & go from there. He was great, telling me if I got any more pain or notice any differences, to call & he would get me back in within 24 hours.

I cannot tell you what a huge relief this all is! I can truly say that this has really put a lot in perspective & opened my eyes. I now know I really do need to be better about my self breast exams & pay more attention to me.

I will say I am still a bit worried, because after researching with Dr. Google I saw a lot of lumps can turn into something cancerous...but we will see what Dr. Turkey says in 2 months about that & options.

But that you again all sooooo very much!!! I hope all have a great long weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Waiting

I'm lucky I don't have to wait long for my ultrasound results....but still playing the waiting game!
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