Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's Winter Sockeroo time!! Check out my comfy, soft, Life is Good socks from B. over at No News Isn't Always Good News. Thank you so much for these amazingly cute socks...I am sure they will get good use :)

Where do I even start with when it comes to the amazing support I have received both through my blog & on Twitter. I had no idea when I started blogging back in June that the support I woul receive would help me get through this journey. I had no idea how on bad days I could write something on here or say something on Twitter & feel like I had the strength of 50+ ladies behind me. I really cannot say how much it all means to me or how much it has helped me. I can say however, that the support that I have received is better than anything I could have asked for.

I wish I could meet you all in person & thank you one by one, but since that isn't possible, please know that from the bottom of my heart, it means so very much! I thank you all for following me on this journey & being encouraging!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Uterus

Dear Uterus,

I get it, you are angry at me. I do not know what I have ever done to you, other than try to help you to get better & heal. I understand you have been through a lot; surgeries, medicines; you name it. But I promise, it was all in hopes that you would be okay. (Ok, I admit, I was selfish & hoped you would eventually help me get a kid too...but we have moved on)

At this point, I am over you. There would be no love lost if you decided to just shut down. Actually, I wish you would shut down! How about that, how about we make a deal. You stop being a pain and causing me all kinds of problems. I want you to stop! I have even tried shots to get you to stop, but you are one fiesty bitch & you just keep coming back.

I am not below begging or even crying. You win, I am done. Just please, please, please stop making me be in all this pain & problems.

I never meant to hurt you & I am sorry if I did, I only wanted what was best for us(you). Will you please consider what I have said & try to help me out, just this once. I am no longer asking for any big favors, so I feel this one is pretty simple.

With love & hopes of receniliation,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-More Than Words

More than words, more than anything...I truly cannot thank you all enough for the love & support, especially over the last week! I cannot wait to continue on this journey & be able to share it with you all!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 101

Thank you to Catrisha over at Baby Dreams for this lovely award. If you have not checked out her blog yet, please do so!

I have to list 10 Things That Make My Day and then list 10 Blogs worthy of this award as well, and then you'll have the award and they'll have the award too. Don't forget you'll have to do the same... list 10 Things and 10 Blogs to earn the award (then of course copy the pic of the award to your computer and paste/upload the award pic to your own blog post saying that you received this award with your 10 and 10). Sounds confusing but not really and leave me a comment if you are confused I'll help you. Here goes...

*Waking up with my best friend beside me

*Getting my lil pup ready for work, sweatshirt & all! So bless I can take him to work with me

*Packing my DH's lunch & always putting a note in it, just like I would always leave a note for my dad in his after my mom packed it when I was younger

*Getting to listen to my favorite morning radio show on the way to work & get that 10-15 minutes of me time

*Starbucks! It's not an everyday thing, but it sure does make my day!

*Coming home to my hubby & always being greeted at the door after a long day at work

*Watching Jeopardy! Yep, I'm a dork & look forward to it

*Those moment when my husband and I just talk & laugh & get to kid around

*Falling asleep next to my best friend on our amazing Tempurpedic

Now the 10 blogs I nominate are:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coffee for Colombia

I am not one to ask for handouts & in no way do I want this post to be taken the wrong way.

As we all know infertility can get very expensive, no matter if you do treatments or adopt. Sadly it is just the reality of the whole situation.

I have joined a adoption fund raising group on Yahoo (which I highly recommend btw) and found out about the website This site came about when the founders were in the process of adopting, so it really is great.

Being that we are adopting from Colombia and they are known for their coffee, along with the fact that everyone loves coffee-what a great fundraiser this is!

Please if you are interested take a look around in our store! $5 of every bag that is purchased will go to our fund.

Please do not feel pressure!

What Country Will We Adopt From?

I have thought of different ways to tell you guys of what country we would be adopting from. I didn't just want to be like yep, this is our country, end of story. I wanted a cute way. To be honest I have wracked my brain! Then while messing around online last night and looking for different options, I stumbled upon this video & thought it was perfect. So here it is...this is where we will be adopting from!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Snowiest Feb. Since 1914

I thought I lived in Ohio!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Adoption 101

I am not adopting. At least not yet anyway. But it is definitely something my husband and I have talked about and of course we have lots of questions. Thankfully, there are a million resources out there to help answer these questions. There are tons of books and websites out there and most agencies offer classes on adoption once you sign up with them. But even that research can be daunting when all you've really done so far is decide that adoption is something you want to consider as a means of building your family. Where do you start?

One of the first things I think about is what type of adoption we would choose. International or domestic? Open or closed? Private or public? Lucky for me we live the era of social networking and I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting some wonderful people via their blogs and twitter that are going through the adoption process. The lovely PCOSchick herself, who is adopting internationally, has been so kind as to email with me about some of my questions on adoption and even did a bit of research on my behalf when I told her my DH and I wanted to learn more about adoption. In addition to my virtual pals, DH has a co-worker that adopted through the public foster to adopt program and has offered to have dinner with us to tell us more about her experiences. Plus, my closest aunt (whom my middle name is after) adopted her two kids through a private domestic agency and she has said I can call or email her anytime.

I really think personal experience is one of the best ways to learn more about something and I am so grateful to have so many people in my life that can offer their own first-hand accounts of what adoption has been like for them. And I am even lucky enough to know different people who have utilized each of the different methods to adopt their children and are willing to answer my questions! Of course we will read plenty of books and do lots of research and take classes before we actually start the process but just being able to talk to people who have been there is invaluable when just starting out. I don't know what we would do without all of our wonderful adoption "teachers".

As I said, DH and I are not yet decided on whether we will adopt but we are excited to start our family. We also both agree that even if we do have biological children, adoption is still something we want to consider. For the moment, we are continuing to try to conceive naturally but we are also really enjoying learning more about adoption and are keeping our ears and our hearts open!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's the 100th post!

So PCOSChick is still on her "last vacation" with her hubby and asked me to post her guest bloggers posts (which I will post the next one tomorrow!!). I'm not sure if she realized that she would be missing her 100th post during this I decided instead of her telling us how fabulous we all are for reading her blog (because we totally are!), I thought it would be great if everyone left a comment and told her how her blog has inspired them, how she has inspired them, or just what a wonderful gal she is!!!

I'll start:

PCOSChick was one of my first twitter friends and has been an unbelievable source of support and understanding for me and many other people in our TTC group. I "clicked" with her right away and have found that our friendship through blogging, texting, email and IM is stronger than some of my IRL friends relationships. She embraced their decision for adoption with open arms and even though I am sure she wonders why...I have never once heard her say "Why Me?". She is going to be a wonderful mom and I can't wait for the day that she gets to take her baby home!

Ok now its your turn......Leave some love below!

This one is for you PCOSChick!!!!

-Written by Jenn (Amaprincess)

Friday, February 5, 2010


PCOSChick asked me to be a guest blogger to write about domestic adoption. I have to give fair warning that I am writing about *my* experience with domestic adoption. Our agency may do things differently than other agencies. And some people don't use an agency at all and just do private advertising and work with a lawyer.

We started on our adoption journey by requesting materials from a couple different agencies. There was one in particular that is a little over an hour away from where we live and they were having an orientation meeting so we called them and said we would be there. My mom came along with my husband and I. They talked with us, gave us brochures and an application, showed us a video, and then we got to meet real families that worked with their agency. All three of us loved the orientation. We felt very comfortable working with this agency. We went home and filled out the application and wrote our very first adoption check.

A couple weeks later we had an appointment at the agency to meet our family advocate that we would be working with, go over how the adoption process works, fill out paperwork, and be fingerprinted. We also had to pay our homestudy fee at this appointment. Then we were sent home with a lot more paperwork.

Our agency requires that we earn education credits as part of our homestudy. We need to have 40 credits, 20 of which come from mandatory adoption classes at the agency. We earn the other 20 by doing things like reading books, taking online classes, taking a baby care class, watching an adoption video, taking infant and child CPR, etc.

The mandatory classes took place at the agency over five weeks. In the classes we went over drug exposure, medical issues, transracial adoption, open adoption, what it will be like to receive a call about a baby, adoption law, how to talk with your child about their adoption, etc. We had a chance to meet other families who have already adopted and we really learned a lot from them. I think the best opportunity we had was to meet a birth mother. Speaking with her completely changed how we looked at open adoption. It was a great experience.

After we finished with the classes and completed all the paperwork, we were assigned a social worker. She came to our house for three visits. One time she just met with me, another time she met with Adam, and the third time she met with both of us and looked all around our house. She was mostly just checking for safety, but of course we cleaned nonstop for days in order to prepare. My best advice for people is to not worry about the home visits!! Your home doesn't need to look like a museum. She isn't going to put on a white glove and be sure you dusted. Just make sure you have things like smoke detectors and that you fix any broken things around the house that may be unsafe.

A few weeks after meeting with our social worker, we received a call from the agency letting us know our homestudy was complete and we were ready to be profiled the next time an opportunity came up.

We had filled in three grids. One about medical issues- things the baby may have been exposed to, things that are in the birth family's medical history. The second grid was about race, age, and gender. The third grid was about how open the adoption would be.

We spent hours working on those grids. I received advice from a pediatrician to do the medical grid. We obsessed over every question. We've made changes to all our grids over time. Becoming more open to things the more we talked with people, did research, and thought about it over time.

Birth parents have things that they are looking for in adoptive parents. So, if both things match up- they are looking for things that fit you and you are looking for things that fit their situation, then you are profiled.

We had to make a profile. It's like a scrapbook all about us. When we are "profiled", our profile is sent to the expectant mother, along with other profiles, and she then chooses one.

At the time, I thought the paperwork was the stressful part. Boy was I wrong. The paperwork is actually the best part. It keeps you busy and moving forward and you are so full of hope during that time. It's the waiting that is hard. Especially when you know you are being profiled and you are waiting to hear an answer. It's such an emotional rollercoaster.

After a year of waiting without a match, we had to renew our homestudy. I was so mad about having to fill out all the paperwork again. Have another physical. Write another big check.

It may sound crazy, but the one thing I didn't mind doing again was our home visit. I like our social worker. I was looking forward to seeing her again. I was really depressed about a whole year going by without adopting and having to renew, but her visit really made me feel a lot better. She gave me hope that it would happen for us and that we just needed to hang in there a little longer.
It's been 18 months and we are still waiting. It's been hard, but twitter and blogging have been a huge help in getting through the wait. And we know that anyday now could be the day we get THE call!

Waiting Lisa
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