Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

This will be a long one! This is all I really know from all that I was told since I have yet to see Dr. Phonebook (will explain in the blog)

I was supposed to be at the hospital at 6am on Thursday & did not make it there til 6:40. I love my DH, but he takes soooo long to get ready & doesn't do well on being on time places, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Needless to day, I was so mad at him, because the hospital even called looking for me. By the time I got to the hospital they were waiting for me & whisked me in.

I got in preop & Dr. Phonebook was waiting for me. I knew I was his only surgery that day because he was actually having surgery afterward on his knee. He told me once again that they had looked over my file & really did not see lap. surgery being an option.

Before I knew it, I was on the table, saying bye to the DH & was in the operating room.  When I wok up in recovery, due to the fact that Dr. Phonebook was gone, I really had no idea what had happened, how long it took, etc.

Once I saw my BFF & DH after spending an hour in recovery, I found out they didn't have to cut me. WOW, I was in shock!! They did have some complications though. They were unable to take all the ovary, I apparently have about 2% off it left because it was stuck on a nerve to my leg & an artery, so that piece was left. Also, I guess I had some bleeding problems they had a had time getting stopped in me, so I have to be careful because I could start hemorrhaging. That is why they had me stay over night, so they could watch me.

Now, this is when things started getting real fun!

My first roomie was a major moaner!! It was awful; each time she would move she would moan. On top of that the woman in the room next to mean would just scream. Come to find out the woman next to me was a "frequent flier" and known as the fire truck because of the noises she made.

By the time noon came around, I already knew this was going to be a VERY long stay! However, I lucked out & at 1 them came for Sally, the moaning roommate! She went for some testing, however she never came back. I hope she was/is ok...but this meant I could try to rest.

Now, mind you, I was in the part of the room closes to the door & this became a HUGE pain! Everyone would keep coming in for they would barge past me...looking for her, sometimes stopping & wanting to shoot the crap...sorry, not in the mood!

Finally fell asleep about 8 & at 11 some guy comes in looking over at the other side of the room...I was like sorry, Sally is gone. His response, oh no, I'm not looking for her-you are getting a roommate! Are you kidding me?!

The proceed to bring this woman in that looks like she already has 1 foot in the grave! They are in there for over 2 hours working on her with everything from breathing treatments, to figuring out her sugar level. Long story short-she wasn't all there, screamed all night & was going to be having a leg, if not 2 amputated the next morning.

So about 4, the night nurse comes in & is like you haven't slept. I was like between getting the new roomie & fire truck has woke up & my blood constantly being drawn, you are right-I haven't slept. At 4 they decided I didn't need my IV anymore, which turned into a huge mess! Blood everywhere, new blankets! Then tried to get my blood at 4 & couldn't get a vein. They had to get a specialist for that.

By this point, I still have not seen the doctor that is supposed to be helping Dr. Phonebook, I have no idea if I am leaving, etc-so I started making it VERY clear to anyone that would listen, that if I had to stay that they were moving me.

Well at 5am, a surgeon comes in & wants to know why I haven't been eating solids-ummmmm because nobody will give them to me! They tell me I'm on a liquid diet & I do not know why. Then like 10 mins later another surgeon comes in & tells me he wants my dressings changed & he would send somebody. Nobody comes & I say something to the nurse & she is like you do not have dressings! She gives me some dry rags though to like scrap off dried blood-awesome!

FINALLY about 6 the Dr. helping Dr. Phonebook comes in. I am not kidding when I say that he was in the room less than a minute. He said that he stopped in during surgery, saw my endo was VERY bad & the bloodwork had all come back ok, so he signed my discharge papers.

At that moment, he left! I texted my DH-asked him to get there ASAP & told the nurse. The nurses were great & all kept telling me they felt super sorry for me since all I had been through while I was there. They sped up my paperwork & I was outta there & home by 9am!

Sooooooo long story short! The hospital visit was AWFUL! I was able to have everything removed laposcopically. I am just waiting to finally be able to talk to Dr. Phonebook. I know that if he had been there, that my experience wouldn't have been as bad & I wouldn't have not be left wondering what all was going on.

Ok, I do know though-my uterus & right site look good & Dr. Phonebook said he would like nothing more than to see us with our miracle baby. Right now, I cannot even think about that. We do not plan on thinking of more kids until after LP has been home for a while.

I am home for 3 weeks. No driving, no nada! I have to be careful as not to hemorrhage. Even after the 29th-I still am limited for 6 weeks total!

Thank you everyone for all the love & support.


  1. Wow, that's terrible. I'm glad you're at home now. I hope Dr Phonebook is more informative next time you see him!

  2. Wow, home sweet home, huh? I'm sure you felt better just walking into your house! Glad to hear things ( surgically) went well.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that your hospital experience was awful. So was mine :(

    I wish you all the best and hope that your recovery goes smoothly and that you get plenty of rest. I hope Dr Phonebook surfaces soon!

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Take it easy and I hope you hear from Dr Phonebook.

  5. oh girlfriend, holy moly..that was some surgery..and some stay. I truly wish it had gone easier, but now that it's done and you're home..(and you better be sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching Lifetime while you read this) try to enjoy the holiday and get ready for 2011 to be a life changing year for you. :)


  6. I am glad you are ok. I can't believe what you went through after your surgery, how horrible. I'm glad you are at home now. try to rest and feel better.

  7. oh my, you've been though so much! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I bookmarked you so I can start following your journey.

    Sending you healing vibes.


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