Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A+ Report!

This girl got one heck of a good report at my post op!

I must say, I am disappointed that Dr. Phonebook forgot to take pictures during my surgery. He was so busy trying to see if he wouldn't have to cut me, that he forgot!! He was even upset about it today..but oh well!

I had no active endometriosis on either side; great news! I did have a pretty large cyst on my left ovary & of course very bad adhesions & scarring. All the pathology reports came back clear too, so amazing news!

He is very pleased with how well my incisions are doing & just me in general. My blood pressure was a bit high, but he wasn't too worried, as I had just come from my 1/2 day at work.

I am cleared to go back to work full time starting Monday & I can DRIVE!!! Oh car, how I have MISSED you!!!! I also got cleared for something that I was told would take 6 weeks after surgery...the DH & I can BD!! This is huge, because we couldn't 2 weeks before surgery, so we are already at 5 weeks & thought we had 3 more to YAY!

I am still having some swelling, tire easily & have been having really bad hot flashes, but at this point he is not worried. He said it's a lot for my body to adjust to, so things will be out of whack for a bit. If they are not better by the end of January, beginning of February, he said he will check my hormone levels.

I am ok for minor working out; which he actually said is good. Since I am prone to adhesions & scarring, but moving it will help keep that at bay. So I will be walking on the treadmill daily!

In 3-4 more weeks I should be back to me, just improved!!! So great report-great start to the New Year


  1. That's wonderful news. I had a cyst removed from my left ovary 3 years ago. Mild abrasions, but everything else was spotless. So I share your excitement in getting A+. Best of luck!!

  2. What a good trip to the doctor's office. It sounds like you don't get too many of those. Woo-hoo for being given the green light to do almost everything!

  3. Hooray for a great appointment! I hope your hormones level themselves out quickly and you're back to you without testing.

  4. Yea for a good post up report. That is so awesome, congrats!


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