Thursday, December 9, 2010


As you read this, I am currently at the hospital having a unilateral Oophorectomy. Yep, that is right an Oophorectomy!! Say that 3 times fast :)

Did you know what this what the surgery is called when you have an ovary removed?! I mean what ever happened to just calling the surgery ovarian removal? Why the big long fancy name?? Dr. Phonebook even agreed that the name is a bit much!

I am not only having an Oophorectomy, I am also having my fallopian tube removed & my bowel fixed in any way it may need.

I will not know until I wake up if the surgery was done laparoscopically or an incision was made. However Dr Phonebook told me because I am such a mess to pretty much count on being cut! Depending on how it was done my recovery will either be a week or 6 weeks (so planning for 6).

I will also have to stay at least tonight, if not tomorrow. I am however, really hoping to be home by tomorrow. So I guess you could say, a few unknowns.

When it's all said & done...this is what I'll have.


  1. Sending you tons of love and get well wishes today!!!


  2. Thinking of you today and hoping surgery goes smoothly and recovery is as quick as possible!

  3. I hope your surgery is a sucess. I also had one ovary and tube removed. I hope your recovery is quick and painless! I'll send good thoughts your way.


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