Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling Lighter

It's weird, I feel empty-lighter. I feel normal on my right side, but it's like there is this void on my left. Was that side of my body truly weighted down by all the 'bad' stuff? Is that even possible?

I morn the loss of that part of my womanhood, but I also am so very excited to feel better. To get my life back & spend more time on me & with my DH. I no longer have to worry about all the problems that ovary & tube gave me..I can feel like me again.

I am not sure if it has really hit me that I am truly missing a huge part of me..I am sure it will. I am sure I will breakdown. But for now I'm focusing on the good of this normal? Are my feelings normal? I don't know!


  1. yes, I think any feelings you are feeling are "Normal" and I think that after what you've been's only expected. I am sooo glad that your "voice" sounds so much better, that you are on the road to recovery...
    and HAPPY about the future.


  2. I hope this surgery brings you many days of feeling better and feeling more like you. I think what your feeling is very normal.


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