Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Regarding Sunday's Post

I wanted to wait & see what people had to say about my post until I sat down to write.

I want to let you all know, in no means do I feel that I am an adoption expert & by far I am not perfect. I am just somebody that is going through the process of becoming a parent via adoption. My post yesterday, I actually had found on an adoption site that I frequent often & thought it was interesting. I in no means ever meant to offend or upset anyone.

I do however not care for some of the language that was used & how things were gone about. If you have taken the time to follow my blog & follow our story, you will see adoption was NEVER 2nd best for us. This was not a way to "cure" fertility as some of you said. This was a decision my husband & I made; it was OUR decision & one we felt was best for us. We had wanted to adopt before we even knew we couldn't have children, so again, never 2nd best!

I actually had written a post just a bit ago about how the blogging community is for support & how I love to hear everyone's opinions, but there is a nice way of going about it & an incredibly rude way.

I do appreciate everyone's comments, I truly do. I love the support & those who wish to go to bat for me, but I also appreciate the other points of view to. I just really wish some of them could have been done in a more adult like manner.

I did not start this blog or put up this post to start a fight. I did not do all this so things can be said about me that you may or may not know...I started all this for support of one & other. If you do not know me & you have not followed my story, please do not act like you do-however, I do invite you to start from the beginning & follow along.

I know I have a lot to learn. I know I will learn a lot as a mother, as an adoptive parent, as a person. I know this journey will bring up debates & let me see some people's true colors...I expected all this.

I do however, once again apologize if I offended anyone....but that does not give you the right to use my blog to say inappropriate things & badger me.


  1. You keep learning, I commend your efforts.

    Listen to the adoptees. Listen to their mothers. You will figure it out if you start there.

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Luckily there are also many many positive adoptionstories....! Don't get discouraged.

  3. I just want you to know that I'm behind you 110%! <3


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