Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Question Answered

Well, here we are at the end of November-National Adoption Month is coming to an end. I want to thank you all who supported my post this month & those of you that did not care for some of them-thank you for voicing your opinion & making me think about things I had not before.

I had said I would end this month by answering your questions & I actually only received one...so here is the question. In the meantime, if you guys have any more questions, I am more than happy to answer!

Nicole said...

My husband and I have been considering adoption for some time. Due to the financial aspect we have been thinking more along the lines of a national adoption from foster care, but I have always been interested in international adoption. The biggest obstacle to this is of course financial, so I guess I am curious as to how much it is costing, what all have you had to do in order to be able to adopt internationally, and how long does it take?

Thank you!

We started our paperwork for our Dossier in Januaray of this year & finished it in October. Now of course, you can do it faster than that, however due to jobs & getting where we needed to, etc. ours took a bit. We started the entire process, as far as researching to find an agency, taking our adoption classes, & more back in October of 2009. 

I know finances can be a worry, I think it is to a lot of people, unless you are Angelina Jolie! We decided not to let money play a role when we were choosing anything. We just knew somehow we would make it work out. I have not kept track of what we have spent to this point & I do not want to know when it's all said & done how much we spent. I just know we are going to be ok & everything will work. (Easier said than done sometimes) I will admit, I freaked at first, wasn't sure how we could do it-but once I stopped worrying, it worked out a lot better! 

Our agency told us to expect 40,000 with travel & everything. Now, to save money we have been working on our hotel & airline points, as that can help in that cost department. 

Now, I know I mentioned the Dossier earlier, this is something that you have to do with international adoption & not domestic. This consist of everything from marriage liscense & birth certificates, to multiple rounds of fingerprints, essays & pictures. There are options that you have when it comes to your dossier. You can hire a dossier "agency" & have them do it for you or you can do it yourself. I did ours & it can be a lot of stuff to get together-just make sure you are very well organized.

As far as time goes, we are into it almost 14 months since we started everything & figure we have another year to 2 years.

Hope this helped, if you have anything else I can help with, please feel free to let me know!

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