Sunday, November 21, 2010

November ICLW

Hello! I haven't done ICLW in a few months, so it is nice to be back!

Just a short version of our story...My DH has azoo, I have PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, adhesions & will be having surgery December 9th to remove my left tube & ovary. You can go here & check out our timeline & some more details

As many of you know, November is National Adoption Month. In honor of this month, I have been blogging everyday about adoption, so please, take a moment to check them out!

We are in the process of adopting from Colombia! We decided to bypass fertility treatments & go straight to adoption, as we just felt this was the right move for us. I know in my heart that our LP (Little Pup as we call our baby to be) is in Colombia. My DH & I are so excited at the thought that our little one will be home with us sometime in 2011! Please feel free to follow along on our journey & ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking forward to following your adoption journey. We've just started down the domestic adoption path after a long battle with infertility. Best wishes for a speedy recovery after your upcoming surgery.


  2. Hello and Happy ICLW! So glad to have found your blog. We are considering international adoption and I could use all the direction I can find. Hope you have a great week!! :) Elaine

  3. Here is hoping 2011 brings joy for all of us! Happy ICLW!

  4. Here from ICLW :) Congratulations on your decision to adopt! I'm also having surgery in december to remove my ovary and tube - right though, and part of left. Sending your prayers and best wishes with your adoption and upcoming surgery.

  5. Oh wow, congratulations on the decision to adopt! That's fantastic! Good luck with it all and I am so excited for you!



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