Monday, November 1, 2010

National Adoption Month

November starts National Adoption month, so I have decided to try to post a little something every day about adoption. I will be posting good books for parents to be to read, children's books about adoption, facts about ours, etc. During this month, if you have anything you would like me to post about or questions, please feel free to email me!

Today I am going to recommend a book for adoptive parents. For me, I started reading this book a bit late in our process, however, still very helpful!

Adopting After Infertility by Patricia Irwin Johnson is a bit of an older book, however one that touches on topics that never change. This book deals with The Challenges of Infertility, Making the Commitment to Adoption & Adoption Through A Lifetime. All great points & I highly recommend.

If you have already read it or read it...let me know what you think, I would love to hear!


  1. I love this blogging idea! Joey and I have started talking about adoption, so I can't wait to read what you write about this month.

  2. I read this one too. Fantastic book!!!! Another one I really liked was 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew.

    It's quite the look into the other perspective!

  3. This is so GREAT!!! We adopted our little boy through foster care and are celebrating adoption on our site this month. We would LOVE for you to be a guest writer and add your story to our Adoption Blog Hop!


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