Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spilling the Beans-to a Stranger

I have officially become that crazy lady that tells a perfect stranger EVERYTHING! How did this happen?! I mean, when did I become this lady? Maybe it was the long week at work, or the tiff I got in with my DH before he left work?

I went to look at Target for new frames for my glasses & the next thing I know...she knows we are adopting, she know where...she even asked our name options & I told. WTH?! How did this even start? Something about Lasiks & how I was saving money for our adoption....ugh

So yes, I am that crazy lady...the lady I have NO idea how I became & for sure cannot be again.

But hey, if the gal from Target is reading my blog...HI! Welcome :) (yep...gave her my card...hehe)


  1. heehee! love this! you are just a proud momma! and, sometimes, i think it's easier to talk to strangers, don't you?

  2. Sometimes it feels good to be honest and get it off your chest. I don't think you're crazy!


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