Sunday, October 17, 2010

News Update!

I've been a bad blogger!! When you are working almost 80 hours a week, it tends to get in the way of life!! These 3 crazy months a year at work always make me so angry with work...I hate living there, but then I have to step back & think. This job has given me & now my DH so many options, especially when it comes to bringing out LP home. I am also so very thankful, that this will probably be my LAST time i have to work like this during the busy months, as I am really hoping that by this time next year, LP is home with us & I will be working from home!

This past week brought a lot of good for our adoption process!! We got word that the adoption agency was accepting our 12 hour adoption class last year at the local hospital as all our training hours we needed for both our state & the Hague Convention, so that was awesome! Then we found out that the last reference letter for our homestudy came, which means the homestudy is now complete & we just need them to say APPROVED! Then the FINAL, I mean final thing came for ALL of our adoption paperwork, my FBI fingerprints. My fingerprints, along with the pictures of our home for the judge in Colombia will be mailed this week & then that is it!! A year after we started this paper chase, we are DONE!!

I cannot believe we are really here. Now we begin the official wait...the paper pregnancy. I have a lot planned to keep me busy during this time. I will start getting things in place at a hospital about an hour away that has an international adoption program & can work with us when we receive our referral. I feel so very lucky that we have a program such as this so close & they specialize in international adoption, as this will help us on so many levels. I also plan are starting to look for a pediatrician. I have had several recommendations from friends, so I will be checking them out, but would love to also try to find somebody with adoption experience, so we will see.

We will also be working on the nursery & getting that all situated (I will post pictures, I promise). And then the big thing...we will start registering. I know after talking to some adoptive parents (most domestic however) they all said wait until after the referral. With us, since we will get our referral, run to the hospital to have it looked at, accept or deny & then travel all within a short period..I figured let's do the registering now to be safe. My BFF is dying to have a baby shower too. I haven't decided if I think we should do it before or after LP comes home....I have plenty of time to decide on that.

There is so much more to talk about...but I don't want to bore you too much all at once!! I cannot tell you how much the love & support has meant to me over the past year. I would have never sanely (as sanely as possible) made it to this point without you thank you!


  1. Woohoo! I'm so excited for you. I know how it feels to have all the paperchasing DONE. Now the offical waiting begins.

    We aren't planning a shower until after a referral either, but we'll have 4ish months between referral and travel, so it's a good amount of time to get things in order.

    Do you know how long the wait for a referral is?

  2. Heather-they are telling us referral within 12 we will see :)

  3. yay!!! so exciting! this is huge! :)
    we had a shower after the referral and it was great because afterwards, we got to keep ourselves busy getting choi boy's room ready with all our great goodies we got :)

  4. So very very exciting! Congratulations!
    I can't wait to hear all about the nursery!

  5. oh wow so much exciting stuff happening!! Congratulations on Being PAPER PREGNANT! so amazing :)


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