Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homestudy Approved

Wow! We are officially homestudy approved. This is exciting, scary, nerve wracking & so much more all balled into 1 thing.

It has taken us over a year to get to this point & now we start on a new venture in this adoption we wait. We have a lot to do while we wait, so I am hoping that helps the wait go a bit faster for us.

It's weird to think that we really, at this point can adopt! They can really come to us & say there is a baby & we can adopt!! That is just so crazy, because sometimes I felt we would never get to this point.

My DH was so cute tonight. I asked him what he was most excited about & his response...a face, he cannot wait for LP to have a face! It was so cute & the excitement is really setting in.

I also want to thank you all for the love, support & enthusiasm, it means so much!


  1. That is great news!! Well done!

    I hope this wait goes quickly for you and before long your LP will have a face!!!

  2. What a huge milestone!


  3. Congrats and I hope the wait goes by quickly!

  4. Yay! That is such a great feeling - knowing you're "official" makes all the tears and heartache feel like it was worth something.
    Congrats on being paper pregnant!!

  5. yay! this is so exciting and HUGE!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on being paper pregnant!!! That's fabulous news. :)

  7. Wow.... how exciting for you both!!

    Hope that this next part has you waiting not long at all...

    you'll be a mumma in no time!

    L x


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