Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthmother Love

Without birthmothers, there would be no adoption. I think a lot of times in international adoption the birthmothers are forgotten or pushed to the side. I may never know about LP's birthmother or birthfather for that matter; this is a risk my DH & I know we are taking.

I often wonder about LP's birthmother. Is she pregnant right now? Does she love LP as much as I do already? Does she understand that LP will be given the best possible home & not a day will go by that we are not forever be grateful for the gift she has given us.

Why am I thinking about LP's birthmother now when there may not even be an LP yet? I can thank a customer for this. Today I received an email from a customer about a product in our generic contact us from our website. After writing the lady back she responded. This response came through blank, only the signature of her email was there. Her signature simply stated "birthmothers never forget."

I wanted to write this woman, that I didn't know, this woman who just asked a simple question about an item & thank her. Thank her for the gift she gave her adoptive parents. I didn't feel it was work appropriate, so I was unable to; but I can only hope that this lovely woman knows how amazing she is. The same as I hope LP's mother will also know.

I hope that each & everyone of these birthmother's realize how truly in aww of them I am. How I could never be a mother if it were not for their to this customer, to LP's birthmother, to all the birthmothers...from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU. You will never forget, but neither will I.


  1. hi there. i found your blog via grace at chois-r-us. your post caught my eye because i've been thinking about birth mothers too. i'm trying to think of what they must go through as well... and how their journey also doesn't end that simply...

    thanks for sharing. hope your adoption continues to progress well. (i love that email signature! pretty brave.)

  2. This is beautiful, and so true. Thank you for posting this. I can't wait for you to bring home your baby.

  3. My friend who adopted also thanks the birth mother every year on her daughter and son's birthday...I hope everything continues to go well! You will get your little miracle soon!


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