Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Asked & I'm Answering!

First, thank you to those who sent questions in! I love how eclectic the questions were!!

Heather Asked: What drew you to Columbia? What is the adoption process with Columbia like? How long to referral, etc? WIll you travel there? If so, how long is the stay in country? I know a lot about Korean adoption (obviously, LOL!), but I don't know how the process works for other countries.
 We gravitated towards Colombia for a couple reasons, but our main was 2 kids (18 & 21) that came into our adoption class last fall. They both had been adopted as infants from Colombia & just seeing how thankful & grateful they were really made an impact on my DH & I. We knew just seeing those 2 that if we did adopt multiple children, we wanted to have them all come from the same country. Seeing these 2 & the bond they had, even though they were not birth siblings was remarkable. The process it's self is pretty similar to a lot of other countries. One of the bigger differences however is you only have to be married 2 years, where as with a lot of others it's normally 3 & up. I am not sure how it is with Korea, but I feel like with Colombia there is a lot of writing!! We have written 4 essays for our dossier. Is that what you have seemed to find with Korea?! The Colombian adoption however is much smaller than other countries. In 2009 only 238 children were adopted. The program we are in is one with a specific orphanage, therefore our wait time cuts down significantly. Our wait will be about 6-12 months. A family I know that got their 2nd baby from this program waited 9 months exactly. We do both have to travel to Colombia. It is required that both parents are in the country for the first week & then at least 1 the rest of the time. Prior to my DH changing jobs he would have only been able to stay the 1st week, so I am very happy to say now that he will be able to stay the entire time with me! We are to expect about 4-6 weeks in country. The nice thing about Colombia however is that you get your baby from the time you get there. So LP will be able to stay with us in the hotel!! Also, once our little pup comes back to American, he/she will automatically be an American citizen! Yet another wonderful perk of Colombian adoption. We love the fact that LP will be coming from Colombia & that when we pay our adoption agency the money goes to Colombia & is split amongst different after school programs, churches, etc to help children in the city from which LP will be coming from.

Katie Asked: How do you think the Bengals will do this season with Chad and TO playing together?! It can be hard being a Bengals fan sometimes, but I am proud of my team!! I really think Chad & TO will be a great team & I see wonderful things for them. However, I will admit, I am not a fair weather fan & I will love my boys no matter what!

JJ Asked: What was your first celebrity crush as a teenager? As a teenager, I do not really remember, however as a kid I really loved Peter Jennings! I know, odd right?! I remember asking my mom as a kid to turn my boyfriend on TV! I guess it was good in a way that I had a crush on him because it really got me loving the news as a young kid.

Missohkay's Questions Was: Do you plan to do anything in particular to help your child know about his/her home country while growing up? This is something we have talked a lot about & really have put a lot of thought into. We want LP to be raised as an American who is Colombian & we fully plan on embracing the culture of Colombia. We will be having meals that are native to LP's country, along with doing certain celebrations, etc. We feel it is very important for LP to know what their background is & be very proud of it. We really want him/her to embrace & love where he or she came from & will do whatever we can to support that.

Michelle Wonders: What is my favorite thing physically about myself? Probably my smile! I have worked very hard on this smile & I feel a simple smile can turn a bad day around!

Andrea Wants To Know: What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you? I will be the first to say we are not a big couple when it comes to romance, it really isn't what either one of us is all about. So when something romantic's HUGE for us! LOL But I would have to say, it was when he surprised me with ballet tickets in NYC, complete with train tickets to get there. 2 things I have always wanted to do-see a ballet in NYC & travel by train in the US.

Sara Asked: What are some of your favorite places in Ohio? I LOVE the Horse Shoe. What person in Ohio cannot love that stadium?! Just the sites, the's marvelous! I love Coventry in Cleveland, near CWRU & Cincinnati...I just love the city. Everything about it from the Bengals stadium, to the zoo...just a great town!

Thanks everyone for your questions! It was a blast!!


  1. Peter Jennings!!! I met him a bunch of times and he was so sweet. I'm very sad he's gone now.

  2. Ha! Peter Jennings! He was a handsome fellow--I get that! Loved his voice

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Very interesting.


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