Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Q & A

I thought I would do something a bit different. Since work has ben so crazy for me & I really have not had time to write, I thought I would let you all; my lovely blog readers help me figure out what to write about!

So here it is, Question & Answer time! You ask & I will answer. Ask me about our adoption, my husbands Azoo, what the weather is like in Ohio...whatever you want!

You guys can leave me a question here as a comment or email me if you prefer. I will then answer your questions this week & write a new post.

So go ahead, ask away!!!


  1. What drew you to Columbia? What is the adoption process with Columbia like? How long to referral, etc? WIll you travel there? If so, how long is the stay in country? I know a lot about Korean adoption (obviously, LOL!), but I don't know how the process works for other countries.

    I love Q&As. Thanks!

  2. How do you think the Bengals will do this season with Chad and TO playing together? :)

  3. What is the first celebrity crush you had as a teenager?

  4. I'm with Heather - I want to hear more about Colombia (...hopefully you're not tired of that topic) Is 6 weeks required to stay in the country? (That's what I've read, anyway- Colombia is on our short list if we decide to adopt) Do you plan to do anything in particular to help your child know more about his/her home country while growing up?

  5. Umm.. this comment form is typing in white on white so I'm writing invisible. ESo please ecsue my tyos!
    What is your fav. thing about yourself physically?

  6. What is the most romantic thing your hubby has ever done for you?

  7. Where are some of your favorite places in Ohio? (Mine are Ohio Stadium, North Market, and Easton Town Center!)


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