Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucy Update

First I want to thank you all for the love & support & words of encouragement! I have said it multiple times before, but I really do mean it. You all will never know how much it means to me to have all this support through everything! All my blog & twitter friends are so amazing!!

I am so happy to say that Lucy is not cancerous! I actually have 2 lumps; guess she has a twin!! Dr. Turkey (which I was in his Labrador retriever room today) was not overally concerned due to the fact that my breast are so fibrous & dense. He actually said a mammogram would not have worked well on me because of that. He wants me to take 400 units of Vitamin E a day & come back in 2 months. At that time, we can see how Lucy & her friend are doing & go from there. He was great, telling me if I got any more pain or notice any differences, to call & he would get me back in within 24 hours.

I cannot tell you what a huge relief this all is! I can truly say that this has really put a lot in perspective & opened my eyes. I now know I really do need to be better about my self breast exams & pay more attention to me.

I will say I am still a bit worried, because after researching with Dr. Google I saw a lot of lumps can turn into something cancerous...but we will see what Dr. Turkey says in 2 months about that & options.

But that you again all sooooo very much!!! I hope all have a great long weekend!


  1. Woohoo! Glad all is well. Hopefully in 2 months they'll be gone.

  2. Thank you GOD. I didn't want to lose my cool or anything, but you had me worried girl. I'll keep you in my prayers that those ladies shrink in the next two months, and things get better. But I'm thrilled for you good news.

    I also wanted to freak out about the Turkey-themed room the other day, but it didn't seem like the right time. Can I say now, WTF? Who decorates a room with turkeys??

  3. You have no idea how happy I am for you. This is fantastic news. Congratulations, sweetie. I hope Lucy takes these next two months to hit the road and never come back!

  4. Woo woo! And I agree with Busted. That's wack. Sooooo glad you are OK. Big hugs.

  5. I"m so thrilled everything looks "OK" - my sister just went through this as well - same day as you actually. Everything seems fine for her too - I hope it continues to go well for both of you!

  6. Good news. Thanks for sharing this extra journey with us. I think we can sometimes be naive in thinking this will never happen to us. And, a lot of people are afraid to share health-related things with others. We all need to be doing self-breast exams and also just paying really close attention to our bodies. And by all means, not waiting to go see a doctor when something is 'off'. Thanks for the post.


  7. So glad that everything came out ok!!

  8. What wonderful news!!! I'm so happy to hear it:)


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