Monday, September 13, 2010


Today is a very exciting day in the TTC community! First Courtney from The Peeks is PUPO!! She has her beta on September 22nd, so please go show her some love & support while she is in her 2ww.

Secondly Lisa from Waiting Lisa has brought her baby boy Jayden home. Please take a moment to stop over & wish her & her husband the very best. Lisa has been an amazingly strong lady while dealing with a lot as she was waiting to be chosen. Jayden is such a miracle! I love that such a precious, happy moment happened on a day that this country remembers with such loss & heavy hearts. I feel that Jayden made his appearance on this day to bring hope; hope for not only Lisa & Adam as his new parents, but also to all of us on this journey. It's moments like finding out that he was born & Lisa was going to be his mom that bring hope & excitement! I can truly say I am so overwhelmed with happiness & excitement for this new family.

Seeing Lisa going through all this really makes adoption so real to me! The entire process keeps becoming more & more 'real' to me as we get further into the process, but after the past couple of days & seeing this adoption journey bring home a baby; it's made me SOOO excited!! This is real! This is happening for Lisa & it will be happening for me!!!


  1. Such a great day! Can't wait to celebrate your happy day with you!

  2. I am so excited for Courtney and Lisa! Such an amazing day. And soon we will all be celebrating LPs homecoming! I can't wait! <3


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